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  1. Is this trade veto able?

    Please refrain from being so inconsider able
  2. Is this trade veto able?

    That would be dishonor able
  3. Is this trade veto able?

    this is undeni able
  4. Is this trade veto able?

    The OP probably thinks we're all a bunch of despic able, detest able, deplor ables
  5. Is this trade veto able?

    Christine Michael finally getting his shot is prob able??
  6. Is this trade veto able?

    This thread has become uncategoriz able
  7. Is this trade veto able?

    All the thought put into this is highly commend able
  8. Is this trade veto able?

    In conseeve able
  9. Is this trade veto able?

    Un beweave able
  10. Is this trade veto able?

    Dodgers are sweep able
  11. Bills vs Titans (MNF)

    He rode my bench due to the sh!ts. I started Tim Patrick last minute yesterday, but this was his best fantasy game this season (16 points), not saying much tho..
  12. Bills vs Titans (MNF)

    I caught that too. Steve Levy on 3 different occasions (that I counted) referred to Josh Allen as Ryan Tannehill
  13. Bills vs Titans (MNF)

    Sean McMuppet Take the points, man!!!
  14. Jamal Adams

    But he's the best in the nation!!!
  15. Jamal Adams

    What a tool..
  16. TY Hilton?

    Oops!!! I believe Hilton has something to say to his naysayers..
  17. Milk Carton-Week 6

    (Sigh) Tee Higgins DJ Moore J Taylor TJ Hockenson .....Buehler???
  18. Milk Carton-Week 6

    Hes just another has-been. Dude is like the 7th option there all the sudden. Guessing he made a pass at Gisele or something?
  19. Buccaneers vs Eagles (TNF)

    I hear Chucky is looking for a job.
  20. Milk Carton-Week 6

    Chris Godwin, AJ Brown, Tee Higgins.. Just getting started early as they're my weekly milk carton participants..
  21. Players coming off IR worth looking at??

    People forgetting about Michael Gallup
  22. Darnold prop

    And just like me taking the OVER of 33.5 for -350, we walk away Stupid missed XP. It's a conspiracy I tell you!!! That, or a sign I need to either uninstall this devilish app or unlink my bank account.
  23. Pick up Aiyuk?

    Assuming you mean 'wouldnt' spend more than 2%
  24. Buy Low on Kamara & Ridley??

    Yes - when I looked at this initially, that was the deal breaker for me. Dude is $$ so long as he can stay healthy. Kamara is the ultimate 'buy-low' right now. I have both him and Jonathan Taylor as my starting RBs and have been fielding offers all week for both of them. Most of them lowball offers - even if they were somewhat fair, I'd still probably pass. One is definitely top 5, the other (not that it's what this thread is about) has potential and tools to be top 5.
  25. 10-team PPR and I'm looking at picking up the Raiders D for a 1-week spot start, but I can't find anyone I really want to drop. I have started the season 0-2, but go figure - I'm leading in points by already 67 after just two weeks. In two games I've lost by a total of 3 points, frustrating for sure, but it's early. This week I'm going up against one of the only two remaining 2-0 teams, and I'm already tired of losing. My question is, I have the RAMS defense, and I'm not getting the warm and fuzzies about starting them against Brady and the Bucs. The RAIDERS defense has looked pretty good these past two weeks and I'd much rather start them against Miami and that clownshow there, but who do I drop? Team below - starters in bold QB (1): Kyler Murray RB (2): Alvin Kamara, Jonathan Taylor, Ty'Son Williams, Zack Moss, Nyheim Hines, Kenneth Gainwell WR (3 + Flex): A.J. Brown, Chris Godwin, DJ Moore, Tee Higgins, Brandon Aiyuk, Rondale Moore, Will Fuller (IR spot #1), Michael Gallup (IR spot #2) TE (1): T.J. Hockenson PK (1): Daniel Carlson DST (1): Rams, (and potentially Raiders - just this week) Dropping Fuller or Gallup would make more sense, but that doesn't free up an active roster spot for me to pickup the Raiders and make them active. I'd be over the active players limit by 1. The only other player I could see dropping is Kenneth Gainwell, but the RB corp on the FA wire is already paper thin - there's literally NOTHING out there if I needed one in a pinch.