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  1. Did you used to run a contest called Flicks Picks?

  2. C.Houston?

  3. Rain for GB vs SF

    Been raining off and on since Friday....poored last night and early morn. Raining as I write this................Field will be soggy. Look for a running game by Green and Gore with occasional deep passes. Gut says this wont be a high scoring affair as I would like. Ball control by both sides with the clock running fast!!!!
  4. 108 Yard Return

    that considered a Bears D touchdown?
  5. Kasay sets single game record

    Yeah, I grabbed him in both my leagues after he had 5 FG's in one preseason game. The guy has a leg and as long as my boy stevie is playin' their offense moves up and down the field , giving Kasay a shot at it!
  6. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE !

    wetsbrook ,driver , bush
  7. 2006 NFL Survivor Challenge