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  1. A women's league

    Hi Women Huddlers. I'd like to put an all women's redraft league together. It can be just Huddlers or expand. I don't care the performance system, number of teams, or stakes. If there is a volunteer to be commissioner, that would be great. I commish one league and co-commish another so don't really want a third to manage, but will if necessary. Please PM me or post on this thread if interested.
  2. Another deck question

    How hard is it to sand and stain a deck? How many man hours to do a 1,000 sq. ft.? We have about 1,000 sq. ft on our upper level which really needs it. Plus, about 750 sq. ft. below. The estimate for a pro was $2,500 just for the upper. If we do it ourselves, what kind of stain and brand should we use?
  3. Stern is on now

    I have a friend who is an NFL ref and the commitee goes through all of the games not just the ones with a close to the point spread and close calls. Then you are graded by the commitee. The ref team with the highest grades at the end of the season get to call the playoff and SB which is where the real money is for the refs.
  4. Which Huddlers have you met in person ?,_Oregon
  5. Which Huddlers have you met in person ?

    I haven't met any of you, but would love to. I live in an out of the way place but if you ever are this way for skiing, kayaking, rafting, flyfishing, hiking, horseback riding, mtn biking or golf, you are welcome to stay here. You will have a guest suite with private deck (will have to share with the dogs), and own 50 " widescreen TV for your sports viewing pleasure. I don't leave Bend much but will be at the Marriott Waterfront in Portland for a conference in October.
  6. Kids pay 1/2 of their day care

    I was babysitting at age 12 and 13 and parents trusted me enough to baby sit their kids on vacation while the parents played all day and night-and I was way under paid for the stress I went through taking care of four kids age 2-9. With my baby sitting money I bought a Gitano racing bike-campy equipped, and I knew my exact networth at age 13.
  7. Greatest American Rock Band

    You're right-then it must have been '74 when I saw him 'cause Born to Run was not out yet for sure.
  8. Dog Training Question

    Six weeks is considered too young now, but was the norm 15-20 years ago. Now 8-10 weeks is more the norm. The issues that come up when removing the puppy too early from their littermates are: 1. The most important: starting at about 3 1/2 weeks puppies start playing. Play is an important part of development. The most important part of playing with littermates is puppies use their mouths and learn how to control their bite-called bite inhibition. When puppies bite each other and it hurts they squeal and run away from the biter. Puppies learn how to control their bite this way. If they control their bite, littermate will continue to play with them. If they bite too hard, play ends. Singleton puppies are a nightmare and I've trained a few (only one born in a litter) The singletons have not learned bite inhibition from littermates and they play bite their owners and draw blood, or their new doggy sibling in their new family. This may be why you may have heard puppies taken away too soon become aggressive. 2. When puppies play with littermates this creates social skills. Puppies learn hierarchies. The strongest puppies become the alphas starting as early as 3 weeks of age and the weaker puppies become subordinates. Learning hierarchies is important in deveopment and the longer they are with their littermates the clearer the hierarchies become. Another reason why puppies taken away too soon could possibly become aggressive. 3. Play with littermates creates good coordination which helps in development. It's not a disaster for a puppy to be taken away at 6 weeks. You just need to do the right things to continue proper development. If you PM me, I will link you to a handout on how to continue to teach your puppy good bite inhibition. I just wrote an article on how to prevent aggressive issues in adult dogs by doing proper socialization when puppies. Many books and articles talk about the importance of socialization, but don't talk about how to do it right, or why it is important. I can link you my article. In regards to puppies on the bed. If you bought a Golden Retriever I'd say put him in bed with you. You bought an American Bulldog Terrier which is a breed that can be status seeking and challenge you as an alpha, and elevation (being at the same level or higher than you) to a dog is status. My suggestion is to crate train and not allow on the bed until you know his temperament. How I did it with my puppy (now almost 9 yrs ago), was to put the crate by my bed-it is very hard for a puppy to be alone after having 2-11 littermates to sleep with every night. I put a stuffed animal in the crate (later my kitten slept with him in the crate), and if you can, find a way to warm the stuffed animal to feel more like his littermate. Some people use a hot water bladder. You could get down on the floor and sleep with him. BTW, one night or two with you is no big deal, 4 months on the bed with you might be. I've had people allow their puppy to sleep with them and when they are sound alsleep gently slip them into a crate. No different than having your newborn fall asleep in your arms and then put them in the crib. One hard thing about getting a puppy young is, the rule of thumb is the puppy can hold it's bladder for the number of months old it is. So, you need to get up minimum every two hours to let it out. If a puppy starts to soil it's crate, (or your own bed), it will sensitize to it and not care if it is soiling it, and a crate is a key to housebreaking since a dog naturally does not want to soil it's bed/den. Also it's important to get the right size crate. If too big, it will just go to the other end of the crate to soil, and come back to it's bed. I got my puppy at 7 weeks and I think I went to bed at 11:00, let him out at 2:00, then at 4:00 and my husband got up at 6:00. When he whined, he got let out to potty, and my puppy created that schedule. I can also link you to good articles on housebreaking and crate training. Many of my clients would have a hard time crate training. I'd take the puppy for a three day weekend and their dog would go from hating the crate to loving it so much they wanted to be in it all the time. Hope this helps.
  9. Greatest American Rock Band

    I voted for Grateful Dead. Despite my screen name, I'm not a dead head but went to a number of concerts. I considered only the bands where I have attended their concerts, because I think a live concert really shows a band's talent. Their improvisation, changing a hit song and making it better and entertaining on stage. Of the list beside The Dead, I've seen Bruce, The Eagles, and REM. I've been straight, stoned, really stoned and backstage to Grateful Dead and was always entertained. No two concerts were ever alike and their improvisation was what made them so fun. Springsteen was awesome in concert, and almost voted for them, but it's really HIM and think of Bruce as a solo artist. I saw him in 76 before he became famous and didn't have any hit songs-the only song I recongnized was a remake of Blinded by the Light. The next chance I had to see him in 83, he was playing in a hugh stadium and didn't want to see him in such a big venue. REM totally disappointed. They didn't change any of their songs-it was like listening to an album. They just went through the motions and didn't seem to really try to entertain. It was at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley which is a really great place for a band to perform a concert. I did enjoy The Eagles but don't really consider them a true hard rock band.
  10. Minor league ball

    Also went to a Bull game a few years back. We got there about 15 minutes before the game started and the best seats available were the third row from the top in the outfield, but no seat is really bad. I was really impressed with the stadium-lots to choose from for eats and drinks, really clean and major league like it appearance and ammenities. A few days later we went to an Asheville Tourists A game. The level of play went way down from AAA but not as bad as the Bend Elks (our local league made up of college players). We got there in the second inning, thinking the game started earlier and got seats in the second row behind homeplate. They had a booth with a radar gun and I won a five cent felt penant for throwing the fastest ball to date for women over 40- then pitched it in the garbage. They had a radar booth at the Bulls game too but the line was too long.
  11. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    Why wasn't your agent at the your property to represent you during the inspection?
  12. Redraft League

    Too rich for my blood.
  13. favorite football announcer

    I remember listening to Al Michaels for years on the radio broadcasting the Cincinnati Reds with Joe Nuxhall.
  14. Drafting tonight

    He played against some really good running D's last year so he was up and down and will still have to face Balt twice again this year. I owned him in three out of four of my leagues last year.
  15. Drafting tonight

    DMD has Ronnie ranked higher, although I don't think I'd pick him higher than FWP, but maybe Travis Henry. DMD has R. Brown ranked higher than any rank sheet I've seen.
  16. A women's league

    I've now got the league set up on Yahoo right but still need more women players to make it happen!!!
  17. Michael Vick's Property Raided again

    Incredible Journey (the original movie) was a great movie. I cry everytime I see the ending.
  18. Man flies 193 miles

    He started in my home town-Bend. I was in the SF Bay Area on vacation so I missed it.
  19. Michael Vick's Property Raided again

    This is the problem. There are many bully/mastiff breeds that were used for dog fighting or bull baiting and have for the most part has been bred out of them by responsible breeders. Great Danes, English Mastiff, Bull Mastiffs, Boxers, American Bull Dog, English Bulldog, and Bull Terrier-to name a few. There are some Mastiff/Bully breeds that I consider dangerous towards humans and other dogs becuase, like the Pits, many are still being bred that way: Some of these dogs are massive. Presa Carnarios, Neopolitan Mastiff, Cane Corso, Dogo Argentinio, Dogue de Bordeaux (remember Turner and Hooch), Fila Brasileiro, amd Boerbel. All of these breeds are much larger than the Pit Bulls. I just trained a Boerbel which is a South African Mastiff used as a guardian breed. The puppy was a very nice dog but weighed 98 lbs at six months. They did train him for 12 straight weeks and took that dog everywhere to be introduced to people, dogs and new things. So far so good. The American Staffordshire is the AKC version of the Pit Bull. Some say it is a direct cousin others say it is a Pit renamed. You will more likely find these dogs from show breeders with nice temperaments because if Am Staffs show aggression towards the judge or other dogs in the ring, they will be asked to leave.
  20. Michael Vick's Property Raided again

    I apologize for taking this thread another direction, but need to quailfy my statement from my previous post in the middle of night with insomina. I didn't mean "natural selection" when it has come to developing the Pit Bulls, what I meant was "artificial selection" Oops and sorry. I will still stand by the fact that the well bred Pit Bulls I have met, most are not nice around other dogs, but the well bred Pit Bull, in my experience, has been very affectionate around people. I do agree there are many better breeds to choose from and I really don't know why the average owner would own one. Many do to save a dog's life but they get yelled at and ridiculed in public and people stay clear of them. I was invloved in behavior evaluations at a Humane Society. Our shelter had a national repuation for doing sound temperament testing and the director of training and behavior there did national speaking engagments around the country to train other shelters and rescue groups on our protocol. We would decide through a behavior evaluaton process whether a dog was worthy of adoption or should be put to sleep. We put a much higher percentage of Pits and Pit mixes to sleep than any other breed or breed mix, but I can't remember but a few that were put to sleep because of people aggression (no higher of lower than other breeds), and most were put to sleep because of dog aggression. It often broke my heart because we'd do the people aggression test first and most of them passed with flying colors and they were sweet and you got attached, and then we'd introduce a dog and the Pit would go crazy and you'd have to send them to the needle. There was a lot of controversary regarding our shelter on putting dogs to sleep that were dog aggressive, even people aggressive since the dogs may have only acted out because of the stress of the shelter environment. The Pit Bull rescue club in the area would take some of the dogs that we deemed unsuitable for adoption-our testing was quite strict since many families adopted our dogs.-but rescue club's foster homes were over run and couldn't take them all, and we'd only offer them the dogs who borderline didn't pass so the breed/rescue club would adopt out to a breed experienced only home. In our testing we would push these dogs to the limits to see what they would do-we had to learn defensive handliing skills and know how to quickly defuse and redirect a dog who was ready to bite. It was quite the adrenline rush at times. I'd always rather have a 3 year old Pit Bull to evaluate because you knew what you had. As I mentioned dogs mature between 18 mths and 3 years depending on the dog and breed. A Pit often loves dogs until they hit that age of sexual/social maturity.
  21. Michael Vick's Property Raided again

    This may not be fair for me to answer since I don't have children but....there are many Pit Bulls I have met that have been raised with and socialized around children that I would trust more around children than my own dogs who have not been socialized around children. My dogs, who are an Austrailian Shepherd and a Gordon Setter, have never aggressed towards a young child but I see them get nervous around them so I only allow calm children who have experience around dogs touch them. I don't take chances. There are far more Pit Bulls I've met that I don't trust around strange dogs than strange people. Dogs who aggress towards dogs don't necessarily aggress towards people and vice versa. The breed temperament is to be very loving towards people but will not take kindly to dogs who are assertive and challenge them. The Pits that get the bad press by attacking people, are dogs who have been poorly bred, poorly socialized, and poorly treated, so they learn not to trust. To find the correct temperament of Pit Bulls go to I have not read their description of the breed on that site but I bet it's pretty close to what I describe. I use that site to learn about a breed I've never trained before to get insight. I currently have a Presa Carnario in my obedience class and that dog is making me nervous. This is the breed that killed Diane Whipple in SF that got all the press. I am not scared for me or the other classmates as he seems fine with people, but he is making way too much eye contact towards the other dogs and the 200 lb owner has a hard time controlling him. I've only had one class so far so I'll be watching him closely this week. This breed looks like a Pit Bull on steroids and this breed is bred to attack people and dogs and ask questions later. A far scarier breed than the Pit Bull.
  22. Michael Vick's Property Raided again

    I will agree and disagree. Pit Bulls who are bred as fighting dogs are bred to fight to the death through natural selection. The most aggressive dogs that survive are the ones that get bred. But not ALL Pit Bulls are born killers. You are generalizing. It would be like saying all NFL players are thugs. Pit Bulls bred by responsible breeders and socialized and trained early, like all dogs should be, are one of the best breeds to have as a pet. I would consider owning a Pit from a responsible breeder myself but too many have dog-dog aggression issues (they don't kill but will challenge) when they hit social maturity at about 18 months-3 years of age. I want a dog that I can take anywhere and not worry about them defending themselves and attacking back if they felt provoked by another dog. I can list 30 other breeds I wouldn't own for their genetic predisposition towards dog-dog aggression, to name a few popular ones-Rotties, German Shepherds, Akitas, Boxer, Airedales, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Chows, ect. The one biggest concern about Pits that is probably genetic is the lack of bite inhibition and has to be worked on very young. Even if they don't want to hurt they can because they bite hard.
  23. Michael Vick's Property Raided again

    Yep, that's what I meant. I was just watching the silly All-Star softball game on TV and was thinkin', I think I wrote low pain threshold and came down to reread my post-oops. I was just at Pac Bell Park on a trip to the Bay Area. What a great yard.
  24. Michael Vick's Property Raided again

    I'm a professional dog trainer who has trained dozens of wonderful Pit Bulls- they are not born killers. They are trained to kill. Through natural selection they are given the genetic make-up to hold on when they bite, have a high level of endurance, high energy, high drive to not give-up, confiident, and have low pain threshhold. This makes them a good fighting dog. The one unfortunate result of natural selection is when they reach adulthood many Pits do not tolerate or like other dogs. Responsible breeders are trying to breed this out of them. A well bred Pit often turns out to dislike other dogs but are very affectionate towards people including strangers when properly introduced. The positve qualities of well bred Pits are they are clowns, love to play, love exercise for the athletic person, very easy to train and very loyal. Many are very protective which can be an asset or a hinderance depending on your lifestyle.
  25. A women's league

    We are still looking for one more woman to join so we can make a league. Again, don't have to be Huddle members. Doc Holiday-you said your wife might have a friend or co-worker? PD-keep workin' on the wife.