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  1. WDIS at RB?

    I'll bump, because I have the same question, except I have Larry Johnson vs. ARI E.James vs. KC L. Maroney vs. Miami C. Dillon vs. Miami I'm leaning towards LJ of course and Maroney for my team, EJ and Maroney for yours.
  2. J. Lewis, Gore, & C. Taylor

    Lewis and Taylor
  3. WDIS: Donald Driver or Ben Watson

    Stick with DD. Beside Jennings, he is Favre only true option.
  4. Would you make a move?

    I would stick tight for now, but if you feel the need, then do the deed. Roddy will have a slightly above average season. Decent sleeper. IMHO
  5. Started Culpepper & Chambers #%$#!

    Batch just threw his 2nd td. Should've started him.
  6. Started Culpepper & Chambers #%$#!

    C-pep is not a stud. IMO
  7. WDIS?

    muhammad coles and wilford. Moulds has potential but so did Andre the last two years. Need proof before starting any Houston wr.
  8. Lineup help

    It's a gut feeling. Warner is throwing to both Boldin and Fitz against sucky San Fran. Hass has a gimpy D-Jax to throw too, unless he is out as well.
  9. Any value with this wr?

    Stay put. If you feel the need, then drop Bryant.
  10. Which RB to bench?

    Bench Mike Bell. He will be sharing with Tatum. Lendel White is gimpy, and Henry has less than impressed. Have to go with Brown and S Jax.
  11. Daunte