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  1. Kicker time!!!! Zuerlein v SF Lutz v KC got the Leg in now!
  2. Jarvis Landry @ NYG Robby Anderson @ GB 1/2 PPR (got Landry in now)
  3. Fantasy Baseball

    Yeah the cafe is very helpful, especially for answering lineup questions during the season. There is lots of good mock draft/cheat sheet type info on there as well. I'm glad you are giving bases another chance man, I think we are gonna have a really fun year. If you recall, the last time we were in a baseball league together we kept scores BY HAND!
  4. Tattoos

    I think you should get one that says "I stink at Fantasy Football" that way everyone can know and not just the people you play with!!!
  5. McNabb trade rumor

  6. Reid's kids in trouble!

    "If the Eagles traded that bum McNabb, this never would have happened!!!" -Frank from Mayfair
  7. The Trade (trademark)

    You're debating the value of owning Tomlinson for three years as opposed to owning Larry Johnson for one? Are you on drugs??? Do it!!!
  8. Kiper's Initial Mock Draft

    These mock drafts are fun to look at sometimes, but they're generally a complete waste of time. The Eagles wouldnt spend a first round pick on a CB if he were a Deion Sanders clone!!!
  9. McNabb unhappy since his injury

    You're taking what I said completely out of context. When I generalize what I think is a fairly significant percentage of a fanbase everyone takes it as a personal attack. You seem like an intelligent, well informed fan I'm not categorizing you at all. You're mistaking my concept of "white trash" fans as an issue of class, and that's not what I meant at all. 100-200 level, club box, etc. All of these tickets at the linc are more expensive and much harder to get ahold of. I didnt mean to categorize the fans by where they sit and for that I apologize. People work hard to pay for these seats. My concept of white trash if a large group of nitwits who go to these games only to get loaded, start fights, meet similiar trashy girls and "hook up". If you havent seen this behavior in the majority of Eagles home game tailgates then you're either blind or a liar. The parking lots are great dont get me wrong, but some of the nonsense that goes on here is completely uncalled for. There are a good percentage of people who go to these games who couldnt name 10 people on the current roster. The idea of a sports related debate with these people is them telling you "McNabb blows" and to "Trade him in a package deal for Peyton Manning and LdT". There was a time when I thought this was a small minority of fans who simply called into sports talk radio to voice their uninformed perspectives, but now I see this more and more. And the media exaggerating the stories of "a lockeroom in disarray" and whatnot only adds fuel to these people's fires! I'll say there is a strong percentage of people who don't deserve to even be there, yet alone consider themselves "passionate". Again no need to take it personal fella. And I'm far from a Philadelphia hater, I'm just a fairly informed fan substantiating that there are times when I honestly am embarrassed of my fellow Eagles fans. I'm not saying that the way we are portrayed nationally is dead on, I think the Santa Claus, JD Drew and Irvin incident are nonsense. It just seems too often that I witness LARGE amounts of local people acting like d-bags at sporting events and it makes me wonder if we truly are as "passionate" a fanbase as we claim to be or jsut a bunch of rowdy dopes who would tailgate a WNBA team if they're track record were as successful as the Eagles.
  10. McNabb unhappy since his injury

    Its not even an issue of stereotyping anymore, it's almost matter of fact. You go down to the Linc or even on road trips and you see what the significant portion of Eagles fans are...white trash, young and old alike punks who go to these games in my opinion for no reason but to get wasted, start fights and do that annoying chant. You really can't even hold an NFL-based discussion with most of these people. It's pretty depressing. I too get to go to most if not all of the Eagles home games so I see it first hand every Sunday, and beleive me when I say its MUCH closer to a majority rather than a minority of fans that are this uninformed. Fortunately the people in the section where I sit are about 90% season ticket holders so the d-bag level at that end of the stadium (sec 220) isnt bad at all. I made a road trip with about 20 other people to the Dallas/Philly Monday night game back in November '04. There were literally 1000's of Eagles fans down there with nothing on their mind other than to get wasted, start trouble and break stuff. I'd have to say for the first time in my life I was flatout embarrased to be an Eagles fan. As intense as it was for a few thousand philly fans to take over a stadium and a city, the extracurricular nonsense that accompanied it was a flatout joke!!! I'm all for a good time but a throwing a chair threw a Dallas Hooters window while a bunch of dopes stand around chanting "E-A-G-L-E-S" just doesnt strike me as all that much fun.
  11. McNabb unhappy since his injury

    You know I respect your football pedigree, but I have so many problems with so much that youre saying here. I only wish I weren't so busy today so I could respond to this..Ahh nevermind I think I'll respond anyway... Everyone is so enamored with Jeff Garcia. The guy did a fine job, but by my estimation, the man had one, maybe two strong games. The Carolina game and the Giants game. He played awful in the W/C game and equally poor vs the Saints. Take away that long bomb to Stallworth and his numbers are Grossman-like pedestrian. He is not an option as your starting QB for next year and to say beyond next year is just downright ridiculous. This team isn't "old". I don't get where this argument comes from. Sure you have veteran presences like Dawkins and Trotter who are running out of gas, but you still have a nice mix of young talented players in place. What I think is most important is that you have a fairly young offensive line (aside from Runyan and Thomas) with one of the best young studs in Andrews as well as younger guys like Max Jean Gilles and Justice waiting in the wings not necessarily as stopgap options, but as future building blocks. On defense you have two stud CB's under 30 and a number of younger guys on defense such as Gathier, Cole, J.Thomas, and even Constadine to an extent who played significant roles in this team's success this season. Gathier is being groomed as Trot's replacement and from what he showed me in limited time he looks like he is ready to be a big contributor as soon as next year. I agree with you about the DT position being a problem, Patterson most surely isnt the answer however the jury is still out on Bunkley. As disasterous as '06 was the kid is still a rookie. I'll wait til next year at this time to begin to pass judgement on him. As far as "blowing it up", I just don't get where this argument comes from. What you have is a nice mix of veteran and young players which keeps evolving each season and draft. This team has been a championship caliber franchise for 6 of the past 7 seasons and that just isnt good enough for us. Not to mention, people are so quick to criticise the Eagles drafts because they may have missed the mark on some WR's and DT's over the years, but they've also drafted some very good looking players like Reggie Brown, Gathier, Juquah Thomas and Cole over the past two seasons..but you never hear about that, all you hear is "Bunkley sucks, how could you draft Freddie Mitchell?" You find me a team that has a 100% track record in drafting and evaluating NFL caliber talent. I beg you. By the way, if they did trade McNabb I'm pretty sure they would take an enormous cap not only next year, but in multiple years due to the way portions of his contract are spread out. Alright now I gotta get back to work!!!
  12. McNabb unhappy since his injury

    The worst part of it is, that even if he does manage to win a SB in the next two or three years people here would still find something to gripe about!!!
  13. McNabb unhappy since his injury

    We honestly don't deserve a QB the caliber of a Donovan McNabb. Let's bring back the Doug Pedersons, Pat Ryans and Dave Archers of the '90s. Those guys easily get more props than #5. And again I dont mean to point a finger at every Eagles fan, I know how annoying that can be. There seem to be quite a few knowledgeable Philly fans around these parts whose opinions I respect, but guys look around're kidding yourself if you don't believe that the majority of misinformed & dilusional local fans thinks this way in regards to running McNabb out of town!!!
  14. McNabb unhappy since his injury

    Yeah I have to agree with you. I used to think Eckel was a fairly reliable source, but now I'd throw him in there with the people who just want to get their name out there too. It's just all about the sensationalism with these guys. These writers see guys like Screamin’ A. Smith getting TV shows, they see shows like Daily News Live, and they see how the public eats it up. They want to make a quick name for themselves, so they find outlandish angles and create controversy so the ESPNs and the local networks will have them on their interview shows. You just can’t find hard news in sports anymore.
  15. McNabb = TO?

    Yeah I agree, I think its time to run McNabb out of town. Everyone knows the future of this team lies with AJ Feeley. Maybe we could do a "package" deal with Indy? Those are my favorite. McNabb and Reno Mahe for Peyton? I think they'd do that in a heartbeat!!!1111 While we are at it, we should probably get rid of Fatty Reid too. He's an awful coach. Maybe we could bring in Art Shell or Dennis Green???