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  1. LJ or Gore

    i agree with all this. The chefs are an offense in sharp decline... bad O-line, bad QB, bad recievers, Edwards. In contrast the 9er's are on the rise, and have aquired help to complement Gore this offseason.
  2. Need Trade Advice

    Only a dirty weasel would send a communication like this .... it reeks of, "I have an a$$raping in mind for you" I really like your initial offer Mass. You rid yourself of a comming RBBC situation... plus although I like Norwoods game, his longterm durability concerns me. In one of my dynasties I was able to aquire Evans and a 3rd round pick for Housh and Witten.
  3. Cutler's worth more than the 1.11 I'm really high on him. He has a good offense with plenty of weapons, a proven ground game, and the best homefield advantage in the league. He looked real good at the end last season. I think he's going to be much better thatn what you've got now. This draft is deep at WR. You'll be able to snatch one at 1.13 that's not much different than what's there at 1.11 IMO.
  4. Opinions on Jerry Porter

    This situation should probably be stayed away from becasue of the line and QB situation, but if I had to choose one I'd take Curry. A couplea years ago, before he blew himself out, he was outperforming Porter by the end of the season... this is the season that both Rice and Brown had left and Porter was the #1. As I said Curry was turning into quite a playmaker. He's also got really good hands and knows how to get open. He's the kind of guy QB's love because he makes alotta important receptions on third downs and stuff, and he's a real team guy, not a loudmouth/malcontent. Problem is he's frequently injured, but if he weren't I feel like he'd develop into a nice #2 fantasy reciever. He's really already developed, he just can't stay out of the training room. Porter's got talent, he can get deep, but he's a long strider that doesn't possess the quickness of Curry and ability to seperate in a short space, and his hands are somewhat inconsistent. Plus he's a jackass, and you never know who a guy like that is gonna piss off be it the QB or headcoach.
  5. NFL Ticket

    Hey, that's the same setup I've got! I don't remember it being $100, but I do remember it working out to something less than $10 a game and thinking that was a pretty sweet deal compared to dragging my ass to the sports bar and blowing $20-30 on beer and eats, and the privlege of comming home smelling like an ashtray.
  6. Link your dynasty draft here

    I hear ya. Last season I was playing my first pay league, and I somehow got the first pick(never had that before) and yes, I picked Alexander... Bastard
  7. Link your dynasty draft here

  8. Link your dynasty draft here

    Second year league, rookie draft, 12 team, can only start 2 RB's, 11 starter IDP(19 total). Offensive scoring - 6 ppTD for all, incremental pts for yardage, ppr for TE, .5 ppr for WR, none for RB Defensive scoring - DT/DE/CB 3ppt, 1pp assist, LB 2ppt, .66 pp assist, S 2.5 ppt, .83 pp assist, all defensive TD's and safties 10 pts. No SP return scores, or yardage. Link to World Dynasty League draft
  9. what do you all think of... team #1 gets) Tomlinson and Burleson team #2 gets) Steven Jackson and Antonio Bryant team #1 gets) Michael Turner team #2 gets) Corey Dillon, Terry Glenn, 4th round pick. This is a 12 team dynasty.
  10. The Tyler Rose

    That would be Jack Tatum... not to many dudes could run through a shot like that. The Raiders SS George Atkinson commented that "The man scored a touchdown while unconcious" about that play. Cambell is by far my favorite RB, and probably my favorite NFL player all-time... he was such a beast... he was "The Man" when I was growing up
  11. Pick two

    PPR, PP 10 yads, 6 PP TD. Branch v. Minny Burress @ Dallas Jennings @ Miami Need two a these guys... Thanks
  12. Don't have room for both. I've got Larry, he's broken, and my other WR's are Burress and Jennings... Jennings of course is on the bye this week. I actually already picked up Johnson... seemed to get alotta looks from Lienart, although he dropped an easy TD... and I don't think he'll be much help this week against the Bears. On the other hand IMO Branch is locked in at the #2 spot for the Seahawks, probably has the most reliable hands in that WR corp, and Seattle's gotta sweet schedule the rest of the way... better overall team and all... and I guess if Jackson's knee starts gettin froggy again Branch'd prolly be the #1. Soo... I'm going to assume that Larry'll be out for 6 weeks... with that in mind, who do you all think is the better pickup at WR? This is a PPR league. Thanks

    I hear ya. Instead a going 5-0 in my dynasty, I'm 4-0-1 cause those splash splash bags didn't just kick a damn field goal at the end of the first half .. all I needed was 4 points to win... Another dynasty league all I needed to go 5-0 was for Jamal and Heap to come up with a combined 12 points... I mean how lame can that offense be?! Lewis has passes bouncing off his hands, McNair is throwing interceptions all over the place... still an outrageously bad offensive team after all these years, and all those name players
  14. Terry Glenn vs. Anquan Boldin in week 5

    Persoally I think Glenn's an elite reciever, as far as fantasy's concerned, he was all last season and he has been this year. Top five reciever... no worries.