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  1. How do you differ from your political label?

    I agree with the quote (or at least the sentiment of the quote). I think it is impossible to write enough laws to make society function properly if laws are the only thing that constrains human behavior. Furthermore, I see no reason to think that educated people will behave any more morally than uneducated ones. I have asked the question repeatedly here and never received a satisfactory answer as to why an athiest would behave "morally" in a situation in which they could legally get away with doing something "immoral". In the absence of an extralegal constraint their behavior, it just makes no sense for a person to not do what they consider best for themselves even if it may not be what is best for humanity overall. Some of you have tried to argue that people will behave "morally" even if they don't believe in some extra-worldly reward/punishment because you would want people to treat you the same in return. This might work in a small community were you have repeated interactions. But in a larger community were one's reputation of being a cheat won't spread that far, quickly a few people will start to take advantage of others. And then these others will get sick of getting screwed over and start to do the screwing themselves (and why not? If they think they can get away with it and their is no supreme force to punish them, what's to stop them?) Eventually trust falls apart in the society. And the society will cease to function on any grand level.
  2. How do you differ from your political label?

    I don't. I'm a moderate independent and my positions on the issues reflect this. :oldrazz:
  3. Steak Rubs?

    I would give the person a second chance--perhaps they are ignorant instead of stupid. If they ask for steak sauce to go with their medium-well steak the second time you cook it them, then I would never cook one again for them.
  4. Best NFL game you have ever watched LIVE!

    I was at the game in which legendary quarterback Neil Lomax led the St. Louis Cardinals to an amazing comeback against Tampa Bay to overcome a 28-3 deficit in the fourth quarter. (TB actually had a chance to tie it one the last play of the game but their 53 yard field-goal attempt bounced off the crossbar). The win boosted the Big Red to a 3-5 record on their way to 7-8 record in the strike-shortened 1987 season. The next year the Cardinals moved to Phoenix.
  5. Hank Stram dies

    Big time innovator. I enjoy watching the NFL Films features where you can hear him miked-up on the sidelines.
  6. Steak Rubs?

    In stead of olive oil, I like rubbing the steak with unsalted butter (not margarine) and then putting some salt and and fresh ground pepper on it.
  7. You have my deepest sympathy. You and your family are in my prayers.
  8. I miss the giant baby-poop green borders. looks great!!!
  9. Hilton Season Win Totals are up

    Rams -- over
  10. I think about 2 years ago somebody should have told Ricky the following of Aesop's Fable:
  11. So we are supposed to believe that it is just a coincidence that ABWF denies Carl's existence and then all of a sudden people can't get into the site??? I believe in you Carl.
  12. Original huddle members

    I'm still pissed that you refused to call yourself "Dickball".
  13. Original huddle members

    Newbie Tool . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . just trying to keep in the spirit of the thread :oldjohnelwaygrin:
  14. Fork Please!

    So.... since the Browns shouldn't have to pay him since they have an out in the contract for something like this does that mean they are that much under the cap?
  15. Big Daddy P is FREAKING!

    Holy crap--take a look at the picture of this guy's accomplice Billy Neely at the bottom of the link and then compare it to the MH picture of Polk: http://dpbaker63photos.photosite.com/Myste...MH8_-_polk.html
  16. My first auction of the year

    Don't worry, many fantasy players make mistakes the first time they switch to an auction draft.
  17. 'Site Unavailable' massage?

    Ditto this for me I couldn't access from home (using SBC Yahoo DSL), but I could access once I got to work.
  18. Cheers to ABearWithFurniture

    Nice job, ABWF! (it's harder than it looks)
  19. 2005 Mystery Huddler #24

    I'm pretty sure that he is a saints fan
  20. 2005 Mystery Huddler #24

    And OJ says he didn't kill Nicole.
  21. Congrats to DMD

    :insert something about a dog's backside and sunshine: :oldrazz:
  22. Winslow is now Winthrown

  23. Rams go Incognito

    I wouldn't be a Mike Martz draft if they didn't blow at least one pick on some unknown dick.
  24. I would probably also tend to agree that, on average, middle-class people work harder than the poorest people in our economy. I am less certain however that this relationship between income and effort is monotonically increasing throughout the wealth distribution.