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  1. 2005 mystery huddler #15

    don't blame their laziness on me
  2. 2005 mystery huddler #15

    I actually checked and both the Edward Jones Dome and the Superdome are located at 90.05 W.
  3. 2005 mystery huddler #15

    They must be pretty far south of the Tropic of Wiegie if they are dressed like that while Christmas decorations are up.
  4. 2005 mystery huddler #15

    BOOO on the face-blurring.
  5. 2005 mystery huddler #15

    H8 is married.
  6. 2005 mystery huddler #15

    Sheep, alter-boys... it's all good.
  7. 2005 mystery huddler #15

    MEAT FACE http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?show...ndpost&p=477234
  8. 2005 mystery huddler #15

    Now THAT's the type of clue I'm talking about. (but it's spelled "wiegie")
  9. 2005 mystery huddler #15

    Well, I think we now know why Savage Beatings was forced to leave the seminary when he was studying to be a priest.
  10. Out for another day...

    AZ?!? you have cut me to the quick, mr. bear
  11. A little help Huddlers.

    this is a good point--there is definitely some good stuff you can get for free from the forums. I wonder what the price-elasticity-of-demand is for the huddle's services.
  12. MH #14 Pic 1 Clues: 1) Lives to the northeast of where the punter for his favorite NFL team went to college. 2) Specifically requested the MH Committee to not say to everyone that the other people in the photo are his gay lovers. Enjoy. (Next clues will become available around noon eastern time)
  13. 2005 Mystery Huddler #14

    that's right--it's all your f'ing fault!
  14. Calling Out Weigie

    Khloe, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian is that all about? As for you, Spaniard, I'll get some info this week and get back to you.
  15. Calling Out Weigie

    To be honest, I don't know too much about him. However, if he played at GVSU he must be a pretty good ball-player as well as being pretty good in the brains department (as GVSU is, as I like to call it, "the Harvard of Ottawa County"). Seriously, he is a very good D-II player and potentially could make it in the NFL, but I really have no ability to evaluate his prospects. Sorry.
  16. 2005 Mystery Huddler #14

    The "Jesus" post was a little sneaky. In one post the MH claimed that he hated to lose fantasy football games to Jews. I thought it would have been too obvious if I had listed an obvious Jewish person for the clue, so I went with Jesus--was was indeed Jewish. I thought the "his first post was a 'rate my team'" was a dead-give-away as all somebody would have needed to do was go back and look at "rate my team" posts from the beginning of the season and then check when people registered and the answer would have been fairly obvious. All in all, now that I think about it more I am realizing that these clues were great and that you are all just lazy. :oldrazz:
  17. 2005 Mystery Huddler #14

    I was just playing along with Bear's screwy directional stuff from other MH threads. I actually figured that somebody would realize that this was an "intentional non-clue" -- and hence actually turn the "non-clue" into a real clue. For example, NE has come to mean almost anywhere in these MH threads. Therefore, the clue that the huddler lived NE of where his punter went to school could have been interpreted as being an intentionally vacuous clue. And how could it be vacuous, well if almost everything was NE of where the punter went to school. Then I thought somebody would look to see which punters went to school in the southwest. Then they would have found that NE's punter went to school in Arizona--which would have given a pretty good hint that the MH could be a Pats fan (although there are a few other punters who are also from the SW). I acually thought the "QB, Kicker, Latitude" clue would narrow it down somewhat too.
  18. 2005 Mystery Huddler #14

    Nope, I was referring to these two comments: "cause I do not like Koreans either" "Its also well known that I do not like african americans" Then I was going to mention that you seem like getting facials: "you guys should treat yourselves to a nice haircut once in a while..maybe even a facial " All from this post: http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?showtopic=80228
  19. 2005 Mystery Huddler #14

    If they hadn't guess it by the time I got back, I was going to have some fun with saying that you pay 320 bits for a haircut and that if Kim Jung Il and Oprah Winfrey had a baby together that you probably would refuse their offer to be the baby's godfather.
  20. 2005 Mystery Huddler #14

    What exactly was misleading (seriously)?
  21. 2005 Mystery Huddler #14

    Crap, I was mostly worried about giving it away too quickly.
  22. 2005 Mystery Huddler #14

    This is what I started with:
  23. 2005 Mystery Huddler #14

    that was what the "sort of" was about in that clue I'm darn clever.
  24. 2005 Mystery Huddler #14

    OK, you can all admit it now that these were the best clues EVER!