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  1. Newbie Huddler Mentoring program

    Dammit, RR, what happens in the tailgate, stays in the tailgate. You know that!
  2. Newbie Huddler Mentoring program

    Can Czarina be my mentor and can I have Squeegie as my mentee'? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (this type of thing does involve paddling, right?)
  3. Yesterday evening my wife looked over at me and said, "You know, I kind of miss football."
  4. 2005 Mystery Huddler - Pre-game FYI

    I think the omission of your MH pic was the result of the crackdown on not-safe-for-work pictures: your wife just seemed a little bit too happy posing with your dogs in the photo.
  5. 2005 Mystery Huddler - Pre-game FYI

    You like me! You really like me! :blush:
  6. 2005 Mystery Huddler - Pre-game FYI

    Your memories are correct... I am normal looking. I have no idea why people didn't make more fun of my photo--I guess it's probably that they just didn't care enough to make fun of it. (plus, my pic got posted the same year as xpanda's stains, Beakerpunk's rack, and "the haircut", so there was already enough stuff for people to talk about at the time)
  7. :thinks: yeah, that also sounds about right
  8. :thinks: yeah, that sounds about right (and to think, before he came over to graduate school in the US he was making about the equivalent of $300 per month working as a physicist in Russia) :eek:
  9. In one of my classes in graduate school we were given an assignment to write a computer code to solve a certain statistical problem. My code took about 300 lines or so; a classmate of mine (who was a former Russian physicist) wrote code that was only about 50 lines long. Both codes solved the problem. The moral to the story: There is an inverse relationship between a person's intelligence and the number of lines it takes that person to make his point.
  10. You are a biased moron

  11. You are a biased moron

    That is what I thought too--as it turns out, we were both wrong.
  12. I Hate the Patriots

    I'm with spain on this one (which disturbs me).
  13. 4:22 to go and

    Seeing as how I have a 16 year record of voting for the losing side, I will vote that you stay.
  14. SMACKBOWL Standings - Week 2

    You know, if the Rams and the Colts had both won this weekend, I would have liked my chances.
  15. Jets vs. Steelers

    seriously, it is more fun to chat live in the skybox: http://thehuddle.com/chat/index.php3 (use IE and not the AOL browser)
  16. Jets vs. Steelers

    You guys should consider joining us in the skybox: http://thehuddle.com/chat/index.php3
  17. Vikings request Joe Buck be removed!

    I'm with the fishman on this one.
  18. Which player action is worse?

    When watching a replay of it for the first time tonight it seems a whole lot less offensive (and quite a bit funnier) than what I thought I saw yesterday.
  19. who also acted like he was taking a crap after making a play? From what I saw of the Moss play, it looked a lot more like he was acting like he was taking a crap (using the ball as a turd) than just mooning the crowd. However, earlier in the game, it seemed to me like a different Vikings player did something very similar (involving squatting over the ball) after making a play. (I can't remember the exact situation, perhaps it was after an interception). Does anyone else remember seeing this?
  20. Bill Belichick "I AM TRULY THE GREATEST"

    I opened this thread without noticing who had started it. I read the article and found it amusing--THEN I saw that Ugly-Tuna had posted it and was absolutely amazed. Not too shabby.
  21. Which player action is worse?

    To me it looked like he was imitating taking a sh|t--which would get my vote for the worst.
  22. So, I am currently holding onto the "teddy bear" spot--if I stay there, my wife will be thrilled (and I will not have to buy a Valentine's Day present).
  23. Early lines for divisional playoffs

    If I were a betting man, I would take the under in the Philly/Vikes game. The Rams and a TD is also intriguing.
  24. Smackbowl Leader Board - Week one

    yes, go to the link below this one called "Official Smack Bowl Rosters"