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  1. Smackbowl Leader Board - Week one

    Danke, DMD. Go Rams and Colts!
  2. Moss Moon

    Buck forgot he works for FOX where there sort of thing is the norm and not the exception.
  3. Randy Moss?!?

    Turdy Thousand Dollars
  4. Moss with the

    Nice celebration, Randy. what a jerk
  5. Smackbowl breakdown - players

    by the way--exactly what was the ordering system chosen for how you listed these players by position?--it's driving me crazy :loco:
  6. Maguire and Theezman

    I don't know about that, but they are well on their way to saying that D. Jackson is the worst player in the world 400 times.
  7. Smackbowl breakdown - players

    The most surprising stat I can see is that only 2 people selected Marshall Faulk.
  8. Parcells out; Tice, Martz, Holmgren In ...

    Martz has led his team to the playoffs in 4 of the 5 seasons he has been head coach. What a moron. :oldrolleyes:
  9. The future of Joey Harrington...

    Kurt Warner might be a nice fit in Detroit.
  10. Worst Team To Make The Playoffs?

    There is something to be said about good coaching.
  11. Worst Team To Make The Playoffs?

    How can you not like a team that is MINUS 24 in turnovers? Go Rams!
  12. Was R. Moss being a selfish jerk again?

    I don't know why Moss wasn't on the field for the onside kick--he is the Vikings best playmaker and if ever there was a play in which a playmaker was needed, it was that play.
  13. Counting down the hours...

    Go Rams, Go Skins, Go Falcons
  14. Feel free to move this topic

    Some other charitable links are here (via USAID.gov): http://www.usaid.gov/locations/asia_near_e...mi/ngolist.html
  15. Ever just make all the WRONG call?

    [don denkinger] yes [/don denkinger]
  16. A-Train has run 3 times in a row

    The announcers said that T. Jones was shaken up.

    It seems peculiar that if the guy was actually consciously trying to change is his line-up that he did not mention that fact in his e-mail. something like: "here is my line-up, I am replacing Ward with Evans. P.S. Don't ask why I am not also going back to the fanball site to change my line-up there, because I really have no good answer for that... oh yeah, my reason is that I don't have internet access at home. "
  18. Tanking a game to change playoff seeding

    How do you feel about NFL teams pulling their starters in the 4th quarter during a blowout or about teams resting their starters late in the season so that they are healthy for the playoffs?

    The fact that this guy does not have internet access at home is irrelevent.
  20. Tanking a game to change playoff seeding

    Exactly. Is it considered "tanking" when NFL teams which are out of the playoffs decide to play rookies to evaluate them or give them experience for the next year? It could be argued that if the owner did not do what he thought was best to win the fantasy championship that he was tanking it.
  21. that really really sucks--especially since the idiot for KC should have just taken a knee

    I'm confused, why would he e-mail his line-up to everyone in the league instead of just changing his starting line-up at the website? (If he had access to the internet to use his e-mail, why wouldn't he also have access to the website?) Did he ever change his line-up this way before? Why does he even send out e-mails to begin with? Does everyone send out e-mails of their rosters?
  23. You guys are on your own ....

    some of you folks just don't realize how much some of us would pay to have Blitz ignore us
  24. You guys are on your own ....

    Grits, why didn't you just tell them all to F-OFF? (on second thought, I'm glad you didn't)
  25. betting league week 14

    yes--that is what caused some of the difficulty in making the calculations