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  1. betting league week 14

    and just so you know, this answer is actually slightly off since we didn't consider the possibility of a "push" occuring.
  2. betting league week 14

    bump to add revised answer
  3. betting league week 14

    7.5794816% (if you believe my colleague who got interested enough in the question to actually calculate the probabilities)
  4. Yep, because there is no way they can catch that juggernaut Rams team.
  5. Anybody want to venture on the odds that Alexander will be gone and Morris will be the starter in Seattle?
  6. Thanks for your replies!
  7. How long will Bulger be out?

    this sounds about right--I've been looking and can't find anything other than Martz saying that Bulger will be back but ""Whether it's this week, we don't know. He won't miss a lot of time."
  8. During halftime of the SEC Championship game, Dr. Pepper sponsered its "million dollar challenge" by which a lucky person could win up to 1 million dollars by throwing footballs into a target and then kicking a 30 yard field-goal. The person would get $10,000 for each thrown ball that hit the stationary target. The person got to throw five balls at the target from 5 yards away and another five balls from 10 yards away. The person ending up only hitting the target once from 5 yards away and once from 10 yards away. Why is this not a surprise? The contestant's last name was Bulger. (fyi: the contestant (a 31 year-old man) went on to badly miss the fg attempt and ended up taking home ony $20,000 out of the possible $1 million).
  9. Eastern Washington University beating the #1 ranked Southern Illinois University Salukis in the first round of the D-IAA playoffs. Honorable mention goes to the University of North Dakota beating Grand Valley State in the regional finals of the D-II playoffs (ok, so maybe this wasn't an upset as much as it was an annoyance). The only thing that could salvage this weekend would be if the Rams could upset the Packers tonight.
  10. Monday Night Football

    The skybox makes MNF (and ESPECIALLY SNF) quite enjoyable to watch (even during commercials).
  11. Refs let the Pats D get away with another...

    no one thinks this more than Rams fans
  12. I hate Fantasy Football

    add me to this list
  13. skybox is open

  14. What is less than amusing about this whole topic is that I spent about 20 minutes last night trying to decide if I should pick up and start McCown or pick up and start Boller this week in a game I must win to remain in playoff contention. (I never would have thought that I would actually be happy to have picked up Boller). :sigh:
  15. Finally i am not alone on the feeling of that movie. Especially the last line REALLY making me feel more worthless than i really am. 565199[/snapback] NO NO NO--you guys are approaching this movie all wrong. If you watch it as a study of the banking system's response to a liquidity crises in the absence of deposit insurance and pro-active central bank lender of last resort actions, the movie becomes much more meaningful and enjoyable. (I make my Money & Banking classes watch part of it). (And don't even get me started on The Wizard of Oz as a monetary allegory)
  16. Sky, you just made me realize that I will be in St. Louis for the 12/27 Rams/Eagles MNF game. My wife, however, will be on a plane to Switzerland. I'm thinking that perhaps I can go to the game with some combination of my dad, my brothers, and/or my brother-in-laws. (or at the very least I'll be able to watch the game on television with them). Cool!
  17. Futility Challenge

    A. Boldin
  18. Weekly Blitz Stats ...

  19. Weekly Blitz Stats ...

    You have chosen to ignore Grits and Shins. View this post ยท Squeeze me a little harder Grits and Shins
  20. Don't bet against the Bears just yet!

    OK, I slept on it... now can I bet against the Bears?
  21. Original huddle members

    First found the huddle in 1998, but didn't post in the forums until 2000. The very first reply to my very first post was Posty calling me: "Newbie Tool".
  22. Will anyone beat the Cards ?

    The 2004 Cards are one of the most fundamentally sound baseball teams I have ever seen. They just play the game the right way.
  23. deleting a post

    Would it be possible to change this back to the way it used to be?
  24. And apparently at least one of you guys is taking grammar lessons from Yukon Cornelius: