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  1. Just came across the AP wire.
  2. I'm not requesting one, I was just wondering as I start assembling my stuff for my main draft tomorrow.
  3. USA BB

    True--and we can also blame the people who run USA Basketball for not giving Larry Brown at least one outside shooter.
  4. What a Hamm

    As it turns out, the South Koreans were correct--but Hamm keeps his medal.
  5. What a Hamm

    That is very cool stuff--I'll have to tell this to my wife. (I've been having fun ribbing her a little bit about the Olympics when she asks questions like, "How many medals does Switzerland have now?" so I think hearing this might make her happy).
  6. Sofa League Draft

    Settle down, it only takes one Joey Galloway to turn a draft ugly. (although I believe that was a DMD pick)
  7. Sofa League Draft

    and Tiki it is
  8. I would hate to lose this record of the alltime worst contest ever held at the huddle.
  9. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    We weren't offended, it was more like disgusted and confused: disgusted that your buddy's brown eye gave you a happy ending and confused that you wanted to tell us about it. shrug
  10. Mystery Huddler 2004 #6 - Right on Time

    I knew he looked like a republican. I just can't believe this guy is driveby. I always of pictured driveby as a sort of skinny punk teenager in a wife-beater t-shirt who liked to hang out at the car-wash with his friends on Friday night. shrug
  11. Mystery Huddler 2004 #6 - Right on Time

    Could that be Az--it sure does look like a Republican.
  12. BCS to add fifth bowl game

    I don't suppose this fifth game had been added for this year it would have pitted USC against LSU on January 10th, would it have? cool_thu If not, big freaking deal. :mad:
  13. Regional foods of football cities

    I forgot about another one for St. Louis: Brain Sandwiches. (My family used to drive past this building on our way home from Blues hockey games) The following is a sad article from today's St. Louis Post-Dispatch on the demise of the delicious (seriously) brain sandwich:
  14. Regional foods of football cities

    yep, there you go... corn this link is pretty funny. Check out the number of Indianapolis recipes they have listed. This one is funny too. also not good scroll down to the link to "Indiana Recipes" It appears your only option may be Indiana Dill Bread.
  15. Regional foods of football cities

    St. Louis--Toasted Ravioli (serve with some sort of red sauce for dipping), Mostaccioli
  16. Screw Pete Rose

    The best thing about his confession is that it just happens to coincide with the release of his book. What are the odds of that happening? shrug
  17. While "Colymbosathon ecplecticos" is a perfectly wonderful name, I think I actually prefer the name wiegie. But apparently the system isn't letting me switch back. Any idea what is the reason and is there any hope at all of me ever being able to change my name back to what it once was?
  18. Ideas from the huddled masses

    Those two suggestions make sense to me.
  19. Brlong, have you ever heard the expression "A day late and and a dollar short"? Well let me introduce you to a new saying that goes something like "A year late and $12 short" I congratulate you on your prediction, but I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.
  20. Mystery Huddler #8 - Presented by Bank One

    Holy ****, I just peed my pants--that's one scary-looking mofo.
  21. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Who: wiegie (not wedgie, you **** *******s), rams fan (pre-bandwagon, though admittedly not nearly as long as Ramhock) What: keeper of the infamous WIEGIE BOARD, also an economics professor and evaluator of presidential policies wink When: 32 years Where: Native St. Louisan, moved to Grand Rapids, MI two years ago Why: I had not heard of fantasy football before December 1994. I was watching a game with two of my friends who worked together. From an NFL standpoint, the game was relatively meaningless, but my friends were apparently living and dying with every play. When I asked them what all of the excitement was about, they explained (during commercials) that they were playing fantasy football (and that this week they were playing in a head-to-head matchup that would determine who would make the playoffs). I decided then and there that I wanted in on the action. The next year, I became an expansion member of their league as it went from 8 to 10 owners. My first ever draft pick was John Elway (I didn't know that RB's were important and I had always thought Elway was a good QB). shrug Fantasy Bio: This will be my 9th year in fantasy football. I'm still in the first local league I ever joined (though now I have to drive 7-8 hours each way to participate in the auction). I'm also a member of 3 BOTH leagues, F-OFF (in which I am terrible), the Corleone Family, and 32-Homers (where despite the terrible play of the Rams last year, my team still finished with the second highest amount of points in the regular season). This will be my 4th year at thehuddle boards (though I used thehuddle rankings and analysis before that). My first post ever at the huddle received a reply of "newbie tool" from Posty.
  22. The following people tied for last place in this contest: switch_MD--OAK by 7 Legion--OAK by 3 EasynDirty--OAK by 1 Controller--OAK by 8 jxt920--OAK by 6 :P
  23. SF vs. Stl

    By the way, I think Kenny Lofton is going to take a fast-ball in the ear-hole the first time he faces St. Louis pitching next year. What a jackass.
  24. SF vs. Stl

    That was a pretty good series even though it ended the wrong way. Folks in St. Louis will have plenty of reasons to gripe about Larussa's managerial decisions during the off-season. Congrats to the Giants and their fans. I'm rooting for you guys in the WS. (I must admit that last night I was really hoping for San Francisco to lose games in both the NFL and MLB.) frown