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  1. feds can hear you......

    I was thinking the same thing until I realized that it was Fox News that was doing the report. They don't say stuff that isn't true. Right?
  2. feds can hear you......

    The only reason that this is a problem is if you are a criminal. Law-abiding citizens should welcome this technology with open-arms as it will help protect us from terrorists. Right?
  3. Baking Baby Back Ribs

    I like to boil my ribs when I cook them. I do this because it is a convenient way to cook ribs and I like to imagine that it is Untateve's soul simmering in the pot.
  4. Come Watch Menudo At A Final Table

    isn't this illegal?
  5. Do you have a picture of a bridge in Venice here?
  6. My Pictures/Samples/Sample_Picture05

    Here is the picture I am talking about: http://www.esnips.com/ViewDocumentAction.n...BD2B934EAAE7A5F The reason I ask is because the bridge that you see is where I asked my wife to marry me. I just noticed tonight that it is one of the sample pictures in the "my pictures" folder on my computer. I'm sure none of you care, but I thought it was cool when I saw the picture.
  7. Tour de France

    "Gerdeman" is very very close to being a very cool last name.
  8. Have any of you had your wife go cookoo?

    Bier used to be a therapist before he got burnt out on it and decided to change professions. (It would be my guess that he was a good one and I'd trust his opinion (although I'm not sure if he dealt with these sort of cases).)
  9. Have any of you had your wife go cookoo?

    In addition to Chargerz, Untateve and Bier could likely also add valuable advice.
  10. Happy 30th Birthday to peepinmofo!

    dammit--I wish I had thought of that, it is a very nice birthday wish.
  11. Happy 30th Birthday to peepinmofo!

    Congrats on becoming one day closer to dead. (seriously--CONGRATS!!!)
  12. Hate our Iraqi cuase?

    You don't think that would be considered as a negative?
  13. Hate our Iraqi cuase?

    No, I think we just won. Time to bring our boys home and throw them a parade!!!! http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/I/IRA...-07-14-15-42-21
  14. Hate our Iraqi cuase?

    It appears that the most recent results they have from the "scholar" survey are from 2005 and a lot has happened since 2005 and not much of it is good for the president. (Although even with a survey today, George W. Bush wouldn't be ranked as the worst president--although I would be that he would be ranked in the bottom 5-10.)
  15. dow 14000

    I get my quarterly report from TIAA-CREF. Open it up. Look at it for about 10 seconds. Shrug. And then throw it in my file cabinent. 3 months later, I repeat the scenario.
  16. NSab's Perfect Storm.

    Yeesh. As stated by others, my condolences and congratulations.
  17. Match the Huddler with his Picture

    Andrew = Irish Marcus = Darin David = Big F'n Dave Buzet = Brentastic Earl = Skylive (I think for real) Fernando = Chief Jay Daryl = ChuckB Jeb = Big John Philip = Spain Steven = Clubfoothead
  18. Match the Huddler with his Picture

    Bertram = rocknrobn26
  19. Match the Huddler with his Picture

    Fuad (the Shriner) = Polksalet
  20. "Who Killed the Electric Car?"

    I killed the electric car.
  21. Funny Baby Moment

    Just wait until the little bugger shoots a stream of breast-milk feces halfway across the room. My father-in-law didn't believe that poop could really travel so far until he got nailed from about a yard away. :snicker:
  22. Do you Maximize?

    I maximize unless there is some reason I need to see multiple windows at once.
  23. OK, now just a second here. That was supposed to be MY money. http://www.mlive.com/newslogs/grpress/inde..._07.html#253449
  24. Amusingly enough, earlier this afternoon I had to go talk to our assistant dean about something. Towards the end of our conversation he congratulated me on getting tenure and a promotion (from assistant to associate professor). I asked if everything had been approved by the board yet and he said that they were meeting today, but that he had been working on tenure/contract letters before I saw him and that they were being written in anticipation of the board's vote being in favor. Then he said that the big issue was the vote concerning the tuition increase. He said that all of the salary adjustment letters that they were writing were contingent on the tuition increase being approved by the board. He said that if they didn't approve the increase that all of the letters would have to be tossed out. I was very glad to get home and see that the board did indeed approve the tuition increase. For what it's worth, GVSU receives less money per student from the state than any other state university in Michigan AND our tuition was the third lowest among all Michigan state schools. And Grand Valley has been named one of "The 100 Best College Buys in the United States" for 10 consecutive years. And as my final argument... I'm worth it.