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  1. The search continues...

    I was going to post that in high-school I dated her niece, but now I don't think I will mention it.
  2. Two more in the family

    I was going to mention that those two babies were decent-sized all by themselves. I'm glad to hear all is going well.
  3. The Greatest President of Our Time

    The president appointed Maura Harty to be the Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs. That fact alone makes him one of the worst presidents ever.
  4. Flooded Highway Near Detroit

    That's live footage I think.
  5. The search continues...

    mmmm... coconut crabs... mmmm
  6. What would you do?

    when your kid comes out with bright red hair, you'll know you missed more than an announcement
  7. if you had One Nuke.......

    what the...
  8. I would kick the burning terrorist in the balls, but I would hurt the terrorist and not myself. F'ing weakass Scots.
  9. Golf

    not a sport
  10. It's hot

    Winds are out of the north today and it's going to be in the mid-70s today with a few scattered clouds. (It's been in the upper 80s for much of the past week, so today is a very nice change)
  11. What Housing Bubble?

    Interesting article on housing prices:
  12. What would you do?

    all into saving/investments
  13. What Housing Bubble?

    check your housing codes--that might not be legal
  14. What Housing Bubble?

    actually, "clean" coal is making a comeback
  15. Baking Baby Back Ribs

    Sky, Check out this thread: http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?showtopic=134286 (fwiw, Bier's "boil then bake" method results in wonderful ribs)
  16. Which Huddlers have you met in person ?

    Yep, but they weren't anything that some penicillin couldn't clear up. (actually, as I told you at the time, although the e-mails said that they were coming from my e-mail address, there is no way that I was sending you those viruses)
  17. What Housing Bubble?

    In the Grand Rapids area, the median price of a home dropped by 8% two years ago and another 6% last year (not including incentives that people are beginning to offer). We are looking to buy a home after we get back from Germany in 11 months and if things keep going like this, maybe somebody will pay me to take their house.
  18. do's and donts when meeting a huddler

    More things to do: 4. Bring your cattle prod. More things not to do: 11. Exclaim "I thought you'd be taller" when you first see someone (especially if you yourself are the shortest huddler in the room).
  19. Call me politically incorrect, but I'm not so sure.
  20. Anyone ever been to Stuttgart?

    Tübingen is close (about 45-60 minutes away by train) if you like historic towns (it's also a university town, so that makes it a little more interesting). (I will put forth the caveat that I have never been to either Stuttgart or Tübingen.)
  21. What to do in Denver?

    I always knew that McNasty was a shftless character.
  22. Snake in the ...

    hmm... sometimes these situations work out better than others:
  23. Does this seem like a red herring to anyone else?
  24. Bronx is Burning

    I hate the Yankees, but I am watching the show.
  25. What to do in Denver?

    I don't know what this means.