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  1. Which WR to Start?

    I don't trust looserman in the wind today.
  2. Which WR to Start?

    So is galloway however and has a good matchup against Cleveland. Also, Caddy is out this week. Does this mean they will throw the ball more? Rattay was hooking up with galloway last week.
  3. Which WR to Start?

  4. Which WR to Start?

    Henderson vs NYG Evans vs TEN Galloway vs CLE
  5. Another Which Lineup Wins

    No problem. This was just a Grits and Shins mouse trap. As predicted he chimed in with his stupid comments. He aint what you'd call "real bright". LOL
  6. In a serious quandry!

    I'd strart Quandry Ismail
  7. Regular performance scoring Team A QB: Tom Brady RB: Travis Henry and Willie Parker WR: Harrison and Santonio Holmes TE: Cooley PK: Rackers DT: Eagles Team B QB: Romo RB: Taylor and Betts WR: Holt and (Evans or Galloway or Henderson) TE: Crumpler PK: Wilkins DT: Titans
  8. The team with the most points.
  9. Tonights game?

  10. FWP or MJD!

    How many TDs from those RBs?
  11. Should I bench Favre this week v MIN?

    Y-E-S. Dump Favre