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  1. Norwood, Jerious RB Atl :bye Rhodes, Dominic RB Ind ;TEN Taylor, Chester RB Min ;DET Williams, DeAngelo RB Car ; CLE performance scoring, pt per rec, 1/10 rush, 1/15 rec. rhodes has to start(match up and performance), two weeks of bad chester makes me? starting him,but it is detroit. williams is a back up,but thematch up looks sweet is it the right week to start him. chester and rhodes are starters, foster is hot so williams sits?
  2. 0-3-2 Team needs help with lineup

    same as rocker
  3. julius is a good back but rbbc hurts his numbers. willie parker is the starter no rbbc problems. twelve team league, performance scoring, can keep up to two players but dont have to. i have the second pick if i dont keep anybody. are either of these guys worth keeping or am i better off riding my draft position? kept players: LJ, LT, ALEXANDER , BARBER, RUDI, STEVEN JACKSON
  4. Insanity check

    san diego plays Indy which has the killer d, but cincinatti plays the hapless lions. i know its not a real problem. answer mine i will answer yours
  5. WR Trouble

  6. WDIS rb poll

  7. Insanity check

    my other starter is larry johnson my backs are: LT RUDI DD MOATS LARRY it s a ten team league
  8. Tatum Bell or Mike Anderson

    its almost a coin flip, but i give the endge to anderson
  9. WDIS: Caddy or T Jones?

    who are you? homer simpson. start caddy he has the hot hand.
  10. WDIS @ RB

    personally id start jackson, you cant really trust moats it is philly. jackson is a proven back and ryan cant throw .
  11. Jamie martin vs houston Mike mcmahon vs gb ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ antonio bryant vs min matt jones vs ari thinking mcmahon and jones.
  12. you answered your own ?
  13. Favre over Leftwich?

    go lefty and warner
  14. QB--who gets the nod?

    after his performance last week goota start warner
  15. WDIS

  16. How do I look now to win this week?

    dont put in a post if you dont need help
  17. Willie Parker?

    trying to decide if parker is worth keeping. taylor could be out for a while having the same problem with coles.
  18. wdis at wr

    keyshawn is bledsoes favorite target lately, cleveland defense will give mia trouble