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  1. So, He plays with a Steve Smith at USC and now one at Carolina? That's the reason they drafted him, he doesn't have to learn a new would be way too much work.
  2. Little Vick Cut

    You mean Jeebus?
  3. Little Vick Cut

    How can he be cut? He's the brother of the most exciting player in the NFL.
  4. I just prefer a seat.
  5. Which NE player benefits most from Moss...

    Mike Vrabel.
  6. Guys that were'nt drafted.

    You can't compare Newton to Ward in college, not even stat wise. Ward did some positions exceptionally well. Syvelle never really stayed at one position long enough to be considered a full time player at a position.
  7. Vikings fans...

    I promise you Vikings won't be disappointed with Rice. Also, Williamson was part of Lou Holtz teams, Rice has only been associated with Steve Spurrier's teams. He has better hands, better size, amazing jumping, but a less speed than Williamson. He will easily break the starting lineup.
  8. Guys that were'nt drafted.

    I watched Syvelle Newton play for 3 years now, I thought he was amazing. Very elusive, hard to tackle. Problem was, he was a jack of all trades. He played QB, RB, WR, S, and CB on out team. He never fully stayed at a position and probably the scouts have no idea where to put him. He never did anything AMAZING at one position, but he was solid at them all. Probably he will get signed as a KR/PR because of his elusiveness.
  9. Vikings fans...

    I've watched Sidney Rice for 2 years in person, and he is amazing. He will go up for anything and is amazing at getting the jump ball. He's not the fastest, but has great hands. Vikings got a steal, and he will do great there. I just wish he would have stayed here one more year. The Tennessee Volunteers TRIPLE teamed him when we played in knoxville, and he still scored on them.
  10. Hey, they needed Ginn to fill the shoes of Welker. A WR that comes in on 3 WR sets and KR, who wouldn't take a guy that fills those position in the first round. Forget a QB, or anything else you HAVE to take a guy that fills a 3rd wr and KR. They will build him up like Welker, then trade him away and get a pick like they did with Wes. The Dolphins are crafty...
  11. CJ, Gaines, & Okoye are all pot heads!

    then I want to be a sexaholic. ...Anyways, a lot of people are blowing this way out of proportion. Even the creator of the topic skewed the article. The topic name calls them "potheads" and seems to make it look like they are always high. They said they experimented with it, why not take them at their word? They had great college careers and they were young kids. Until they do something wrong in the NFL, then I don't care what the article says. I'm just glad the GMs aren't like a few of the posters on here and going crazy over something so petty. It is good they admitted to it, usually if you plan on doing something again you wont confess using it. I'm guessing they don't mind saying they used pot because they know it won't happen again.
  12. Falcons sign Harrington

    The CFL team had rights to him first if he ever decided to go to the Canada league, but since he decided to stay in the NFL they had no rights.
  13. Baltimore Colts Fans

    Wow, I agree on something with Bill Swerski...Hell will now freeze over.
  14. Baltimore Colts Fans

    I want to make sure you were actually alive and aware of this and watched the Baltimore Colts. The people that really get on my nerves are the ones that were 4 or 5 years old or younger when the team moved. I'm guessing you were actually old enough to know the Baltimore Colts.