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  1. Expansion draft

    This year, we are expanding our 8-team league to a 10-team league. It is a keeper league with each team keeping one player and also the rookies that they had on their team. Since the 2 players coming in don't have any players, we will be holding an expansion draft. Each team will pick 1 player from their team to put in the draft, then the 2 new players will each get a pick out of the 8 that were put in. Also, the 2 new players will get the first 2 overall picks. So my question is, who should I enter into the expansion draft out of Steven Jackson, Laurence Maroney, and Marques Colston? I figure Colston because I don't think Maroney's injury is too serious, but just wanted some opinions. standard scoring, ppr, 6 points for all TDs start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D TIA
  2. Spoil Harry Potter for me

  3. Spoil Harry Potter for me

    Here you go
  4. Spoil Harry Potter for me

    It hasn't come out yet
  5. Wierd Keeper

    well it's almost impossible to predict who will be available in the 10th round and if that player will be good next year, given injuries, ect.. Also, are you looking for a certain position? One guy i'm gonna target in my drafts is Kevin Curtis. He's going to have a healthy Donovan McNabb in the pass-happy Eagles offense and he's got great speed, he's a good route runner, and he's smart. Even though he'll be the #2 behind Reggie Brown, I wouldn't be surprised if he explodes onto the scene this year and the next. He's one guy that will probably be available in the 10th round. For a RB, possibly Ladell Betts. With Portis being injured all the time and considering how good he played at the end of last season, I think he'll be a solid pick that might be there in the 10th.
  6. Keeper WR for my local

    I would go with Javon Walker. I think he's in a good situation and he's the Bronco's clear #1. I think him and Cutler are gonna make a nice pair. Brady spreads the ball around a lot, so Randy Moss probably won't have the type of season like he did in Minnesota. I see him as weak #1 and a strong #2 WR. Roy Williams can have another nice season. Mike Furrey had 98 catches last year, but that didn't seem to hurt Williams as he turned in a very nice year himself, but adding Calvin Johnson to the mix could hurt his totals a little this year.
  7. EASports Mock Draft

    that is a pretty embarrasing draft. Steven Jackson #4?
  8. RIP Yankees

    how are you?
  9. Civil War enthusiasts

    I've been a Civil War buff for a while now. I've been to Gettysburg 3 times and I've also gone down to Virginia to visit Fredricksburg. I really like watching the movie "Gettysburg" and then going down to visit the site and seeing certain locations of the battles, like Devil's Den and Little Round Top. It's always kind of eerie though when you realize that thousands of men were killed on the spot you are standing
  10. 2nd year RBs..............Who to take?

    I highly doubt Belichek would depend on a couple of 2nd and 3rd string RBs to carry the workload. A winning team needs a running game, so if Maroney is injured for the start of the season, the Pats would have seeked out a RB that has some experience starting in the NFL, which they haven't done. This leads me to my point, which is that Maroney will be healed and ready for the season. Just my opinion.
  11. 2nd year RBs..............Who to take?

    Still, if the Pats aren't confident that Maroney will be ready for the start of the season, does Belichek plan on using Sammy Morris and Kevin Faulk? I haven't heard anything about them trying to trade for a RB or anything like that, which leads me to believe that they're confident in Maroney's recovery.
  12. 2nd year RBs..............Who to take?

    why? have you heard something that the rest of us haven't? I don't think it is a very big concern since the Patriots aren't looking for any depth at RB. and to answer the question, I would take Addai first, then either Bush or Maroney depending on ppr.
  13. Happy 30th Birthday to peepinmofo!

    from one Bills fan to another, congrats
  14. Movie quote time

    What About Bob?