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  1. Big game tomorrow and need a bit of help for flex spot....standard league Starters: Palmer S.Smith, T.Housh T.Barber, C.Taylor At flex, my gut has been to go w/ Fargas at home vs. the pitifull St.Louis rams Def.....or do I go w/ M.Clayton at home vs. crappy Browns?? Thoughts?
  2. RB HELP!

    Maroney or Cadillac? I already have LT, but this second running back decision is killing me this week.
  3. WDIS- Williamson, Bennett, or Evans ?

    any other thoughts..?
  4. Who do u like.... I am not counting on S.Smith playing this Williamson at home vs. Bears... Bennett at Dolphins... Evans at home vs. Jets..... I am not a fan of the Bears matchup... Although he has sucked thus far, I've got to believe Evans is due for a decent game at home vs. Jets... Thoughts appreciated !!
  5. Where is Gore now?

    Boy, since I've begun fantasy last about week to week over reactions!! Lets see Gore do that more than 1 game b4 we put in him the top 3 RB category )
  6. No, somebody pick him up already.....the guy had T.Green
  7. Thanks...thats just it....NO qbs on waiver wire anymore... since we start 2...and have like 8 bench players...they are gone. Other Bench guys I have are Leinart and case or when Warner gets hurt, or Parcells decides to bench Bledsoe if he keeps playing like crap. The only guy left is Batch which is on MOnday, and no guarantee that he'll play......
  8. Unfortuatnately, My 2nd and 3rd QBs are Brooks and Fry We start 2 QBs in my league....6 pts per TD. Would you got with: Brooks AT Balt. Fry AT Cin. Initially, Fry is obvious, but my gut is saying the Raiders were SO embrassed last week, that they will play w/ a chip on their shoulder and be slightly competititve.... Thoughts? Also, who would you go with at FLEX ??? M.Jones or T.Jones REst of lineup includes: QB- Culpepper RB- Alexander, C.Taylor WR- Chambers, Mason TE- Gates FLEX- M.Jones, T.Jones, or L.Jordan
  9. Start help! Advise..

    Any other thoughts...
  10. Start help! Advise..

    Who do you like: Mike Bell at home vs. Chiefs or Maroney at N.Y Jets My initial thought was Bell, but as the week goes, I can see Maroney getting a TD this week. thoughts?
  11. How much is Chester Taylor worth?

    If I were him, I wouldn't do that trade.... Not big on Jones or Droughns
  12. Oh no...I picked Lamont Jordan!

    8 leagues.....WOW...I can't imagine doing that many...
  13. Trade proposal, advice please!

    any other thoughts?
  14. Trade proposal, advice please!

    Whats the latest reports on the hamstring?
  15. Here is the trade proposal: I have McGahee...Trade is McGahee for S.Smith Standard scorring We Start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 flex Im weaker at if Smith was healthy, I'd do it in a second, but that hamstring concerns me. My team includes: QB: Palmer, Brooks RB: Barber, McGahee, C.Taylor, Mike Bell; Maroney; B.Jacobs WR: Housh, Evans, Bennett, T.Williamson TE: McMichael, Winslow DEF: PITTS, PHIL