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  1. Opinions on Huddle Draft Kit

    Its only worth it if u like quality content, and knowledgable people.. U could pay less and listen to what Hec and Vic have to say
  2. Immediate Help Needed

    Norwood n dunn
  3. Wierd Keeper

    Ya Betts & Losman were 2 guys i had thought about as possibilies.
  4. Wierd Keeper

    Ok im in a league at work, wich is a 10 team, performance scoring, snaking draft, NO PPR. We have a strange keeper thing going (wich i voted against), whoever you draft in the 10th round, u can keep for the next season. (you only get them for the next season and thats it) So i need some advice on who you think would be available in round 10, that could possibly have an immediate fantasy impact next season, and next season only. The player will only be on my team this year and next year. Some suggestions?
  5. Wine + Cheese

    Id jus like to know some cheeses that will go good with the wines i drink. I am not talking about these 30 dollor a pound cheeses u get at wine stores. Im just talking about the normal cheeses u can buy at ur local grocery store (swiss, chedder, and so on) Id like to pair cheese to: Cabernet Souvenion Merlot Pinot Noir Thx
  6. Player Ratings for 2007-08

    Marvin Harrison not a top 10 reciever? Sorry id have a very hard time taking Andre Johnson before Harrison...
  7. Blockbuster Total Access VS Netflix

    +1 And when u return the envelopes to BB, it seems within a day your next movies are shipped out. Ive never been without a movie in my house that i havent watched yet..
  8. What's Gas Where You Are?

    Just filled up for $2.57 today here in NY
  9. Cool Game

    Scared the #!% out of me on level 3.... Thanks
  10. Congrats to Cal Ripken and Tony Gwynn

    Class Acts..
  11. Cheesy B Movie Lines

    Predator - "If it bleeds, we can kill it"
  12. Sloganize your name

    "You've Got Questions, We've Got Scare Tactics"
  13. Jackass 2

    I thought it was real funny, but I thought the last stunt was pretty dumb.
  14. The blonde at the library

    Well Played.
  15. Fake or........

    9/10 The car had me fooled....