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  1. RIP Yankees

    Pretty much. If the Yankees are favored -125, then it's bet 125 to win 100. If you bet the other side, it'll be bet 100 to win 115 (or something less than 125, that's why the bookies win)
  2. What should MLB do to improve ratings?

    Nothing to fix. The ratings are lower without the Yankees, Red Sox or Cubs. The weather certainly hasn't helped. And there has already been 3 sweeps, including the Dodgers, and no series has gone the distance. But baseball just broke its attendance record (again). They just got a new TV contract for huge dollars. They are about to crown their 7th different champion in the last 7 years.
  3. Congrats Tiger fans

    Well done Tigers.
  4. if tigers and twins end up tied.....

    Right, if both teams are assured of their playoff spot, they aren't going to make them play an extra game and burn pitchers in the process.
  5. 61 in 154

    And Maris probably used greenies in 1961 (like a lot of the league) and those are now banned substances, so might as well go back to Babe Ruth.
  6. Baseball Sucks

    Baseball has had 6 different champions in the last 6 years. Which of the salary cap sports can claim that?
  7. Thoughts on this draft strategy?

    Makes sense to me. I have the #2 pick in an upcoming draft, and can see taking 2 WR (or one + Gates), then coming back with RB's in rounds 4 & 5.
  8. Does anyone know...

    Hitting for average Hitting for power Good Glove Good Arm Good Speed
  9. The US looks pathetic

    Not the start we were looking for.
  10. Is it quiet in here?

    Then I'll just be rebellious... (2nd pad)
  11. Is it quiet in here?

    (Did I do that right, it's my first pad)
  12. Torre

    He's doing fine, but he's not winning any awards for it.
  13. World Cup 2006

    Don't know for sure, but the stuff might be streaming on ESPN360 (Or somewhere on the ESPN network). A friend of mine said he had set up his PC to record the games during the day, so it's gotta be there somewhere.
  14. Monumentally disappointing ending in the playoffs

    Sorry about the losses, though.
  15. Bonds 715

    It's history, and I'm happy to have seen it happen. Now they'll stop showing him, and everyone can go back rooting for all of the other current and former steroid users. (and if you that there aren't any, think again)