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  1. Thanks guys.. Need to pick my QB. Favre or Leinart. Thans
  2. WDIS tonight?

    I NEEDED 31 POINTS OUTTA JACKSON.. I GOT 32 and won by 0.45.. When he got injured i almost cried!! I won and now i play the #1 seed hes got Palmer/Ahman Green/Gado/Andre Johnson/Javon Walker/Tony G/Den D.. I think i can win and go to the championship!!
  3. screwed up league !

    Head to head shouldnt matter. It should go by total points. It's based on how good your team is POINTS wise
  4. Anyone else get screwed over?

    Its not that. I really wanna know the mindset of Payton, what was he trying to accomplish? I bet you he had Brees on his FF team
  5. WDIS tonight?

    Im down by 31 pts. Have S.jax and Wilkins also 0.50 ppr 0.10 per rush 1 pt every 10 yards RUSH OR REC 6 pts TD REC OR RUSH.. I realllly need Jax to put up at least 28-30 points.. Even if he puts up 25 and wilkins kicks 2 FG's i win.. Oh please S.Jax dont be a bust tonight
  6. Up 17 you kick an onside kick, next play throw a TD. OK fine.. they get the ball back again up 3 scores Brees THROWS another TD.. Do they try to run the ball out? No they throw ANOTHER TD.. I was up 68 points in my fantasy pool.I am now down 30 because of Brees/Bush combo.. What a joke. Sean Payton screwed my Playoff Championship.. I hate him and hope they all burn in hell.. I was welll on my way to the championship
  7. Playoffs - Who do I start?

    I also have the EXACT same options. As of now im going with Favre
  8. Reggie brown/Edwards/Weleker

    Fuccck.. I benched Edwards only because the stupid weatherman called for snow all game. I wasnt around near gametime to check if it was actually snowing.. ahhhh so pissed
  9. I just got Reggie brown on Waivers.. Do i go with Reggie Brown over the other 2? Return Yards count.. every 20 yards=1 point. (for welker)
  10. WDIS Defences

    Thanks all.. Minny it will be.. Now i just need to get starrted on picking a #2 WR
  11. colston updates ?

    I highly doubt Colston will play
  12. WDIS Defences

    I currently own the miami dolphins Defence. here are my other options Miami vs NE Minny vs DET Titans vs HOU NYJ vs BUF I'm really leaning towards Minny #1, NYJ #2 and TEN #3.. Point system works like this 6pts=TD 2pts=Sack/INT/Fumble Recovery.. You also get points depending how many points that defence lets up.. Its complicated to write, but if your D lets up over 27 points, its not good. Thanks All
  13. Which QB? Favre, Kitna or Leinart?

    Leinart is at home.. where he's had success
  14. Should I drop Desmond Clark

    Start K2.. If Anderson or Frye starts, he is still the safety valve
  15. WDIS

    This is what i was thinking too. Only if Brad Johnsons starting. I really wanna start Braylon Edwards or Nate Washington. Last couple games Edwards has come up huge against Pitt.. Welker is solid and almost gurantees me 8-12 points. I cant really decide on my Wr's.. Whichever i get more votes for i will start