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  1. MJD

    I will be very happy when MJD goes first round or early 2nd in any of my leagues. Have fun watching Fred Taylor start and Jones coming in at all short yardage.
  2. all-time a favorite NFL players

    John Riggens....there will never be another RB like him in the NFL!
  3. Steelers Passing Game

    11th fantasy QB in Cowher type offense is pretty good. Now Ariens wants to stretch things out, run the no huddle, let Ben call audibles. I don't understand not letting a QB call audibles. They know what will work and what won't when they get to the line of scrimmage more than the coordinator knows what will work when they call the play in the huddle. Ben runs a very good no huddle too.
  4. Steelers...good source for pron

    OK, how long before this email makes it to the general public. I mean it has to leak right?
  5. Nicholson arrested again

    Police follow them around? What do you suggest, they ignore a woman's plea from 911 call cause he is a Cincy Bengal? How bout the Bengals just clear out their locker room from this garbage. Don't worry, just as AJ was brought in to replace Thurman.....Thurman is being brought back in to replace AJ. NFL out to be fining and suspending that front office for this sorry excuse of management of bad character players.
  6. Bad news for the Steelers

    he played this like a jerk...........Faneca is classless and his comments have always been that way...from showing disgust when Ben started his first game (you know a kid starting at QB) thru telling everyone his favorite coach Grimm didn't get the job....telling everyone he will have no way to feed his family after giving it all his 9 years he has this as his thanks.... Ummmm Faneca in 2002 was awarded the largest contract for an NFL guessed it, the same contract that he is in the last year of......poor baby
  7. Barlow meets w/Steelers

    I would still love to hear who the dink receiver is or even the dunk receiver??????? This coming from a Steeler fan WISHING they would dink and dunk from time to time. The lack of dink and dunks is what made Ben's first 2 successfull seasons so amazing.
  8. Barlow meets w/Steelers

    Anyone who has seen more than one Steeler game realizes there is no dink or dunk in that offense....(and there should be hopefully under the new OC). To whomever made that comment, could you help clarify who the dink and who the dunk was in that 2004 to 2005 season.
  9. Detroit to draft Johnson

    Besides Roy Williams, what other WRs are really worth a darn?
  10. Pittsburgh Steelers 75th Anniversary Uniforms

    I hope they continue to use these uniforms a couple times a year like the Chargers do. I think they are great and they are throwbacks not some funky new design. Very few know the Steelers did have yellow helmets at some point.
  11. Faneca skips voluntary workout

    Faneca was in town at some point this week, I guess he didn't really come to practice with the rest of the team?
  12. RB Michael Bush is healthy again

    Sorry, just missed him......2.15
  13. 2007 Steelers Schedule

    so you pretty much take back all that garbage in your post as pure fishing? Sure
  14. 2007 Steelers Schedule

    That and it's 2007