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  1. WDIS Chester or MBIII

    Sat MBIII....that worked out well.....Oh Well hope the ribs hold up.
  2. Please help!!!! I will answer urs I am completely torn with this one!!!
  3. I have Carson and Heap tonight with no other options.....should I be worried? (afraid to hear your response) Must win game!
  4. I am in the same situation and I'm going with Barber...I feel he will get 1-2 cheap scores
  5. Am I Overanalyzing?

    There is very little chance of both your QB and D having good days when they are playing each other.
  6. Screw this year! Who do I keep?

    I actually like the option with Cutler over Leinart..just think he is better, with a better offensive line, and Leinart will have a different coach next year who may have different philosphies...the RBs are pretty much a wash. Now I must bump my post...
  7. I have Palmer and Ravens D playing against each other on Thurs. (and starting Heap in the same game) Option #1 Should I bench the Ravens for the Steelers or Option #2 bench Palmer for Garrard or J. Campbell or Option#3 attempt to pick up Garcia or Cutler to start over Palmer or Option #4 leave Palmer and Ravens D in the lineup Note: I can't stand playing my QB vs. My D, and having too many eggs in one basket per week (i.e. three players in the Thursday game) I appreciate all the help in advance...this game determines playoff seeding and prize money for best records and total points.
  8. WDIS Chester or MBIII

    Thanks all...I was leaning towards MBIII...much appreciated
  9. Chester @ Chi or MBIII @ NYG
  10. WDIS at RB ?

    You are definitely doing the classic over analysis before a big game....go w Dillon especially based on ur scoring system...
  11. Help me find a new QB!

    I have to agree w the others and say Romo prob has the most upside for the rest of the season. But I love Huard for next week vs the Rams...
  12. Would you start Maroney or Taylor?

    Same here and I have picked wrong two weeks in a row...I guarantee I pick the right one next week...oh wait...they both don't least I can't screw that up....Now I'm 2-3
  13. WDIS @ RB

    i have the same chester maroney problem every week...lm going w maroney this week.... i would go w gore and bell...on a hunch bell will break a long one.. jax maroney and gore