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  1. Westbrook having the best year of his career.. Did I mention that Tiki has only 2 TDs all year? I know its hard to pick three RBs from the NFC I guess it's not a surprise that Tiki gets in his last year. Clearly team record has nothing to do with pro-bowl selection, but if 2 players have similar stats (and Westy is just a few yards down on Tiki. Tiki has 2 TDs and Westy has 11 TDs.
  2. This is true, Chester got hurt and the rest of my players Wayne, SS, Gonzo, Tiki are what they are, not like I'm going to pick up a player from WW or something, and who am I going to get in trade for Tiki who has been a dog all year? Or how can I replace Chester before the biggest game of the year? In short, I wish I had gone with Bush, I was back and forth about it, here on the Huddle I got views both ways maybe 5 for Bush and 5 for Addai. Can't say I didn't ask anyone for advice, or that Bush was a stone cold lock b/c he has scored in 3 games all year, thats it.
  3. yes, sorry I didn't get that info earlier. But it's not like Addi is a poor runner, he's as good (points) as Tiki and Bush but I think Addai got hurt as well as Indy was well and truly out of the game (they do not look like a play-off team to me). But as reciently as 2 weeks ago Addai did score 4TDs in a game, and Rhodes got a walk-in TD that I think should have gone to Addai On the season Addai is as good a FF player as Bush into this weeks game, and he is multifaceted as well he attempted a pass in the game. On the year Addai has 8 TDs and 1100+ total yards (both yards and TDs are better than Bush). My big loss was Chester who his replacements went nuts this week. If healthy who knows what Chester would have done? Also as usual Tiki did not score I was expecting that, but lets face it outside of last week Bush was not a player you can count on, now he is counting last week and this week
  4. Sad thing is I had the bears and I needed something from Hester and I got it. But my opponent had Grosman and Thomas Jones, both of who did very well last night, so b/c of the bears I could have won if I had only started Bush... I was wishing Grosmann would get benched. I subscribe to Fantasy Football Index weekly and they had Bush as around the 23th RB this week (lower than both Addai and Tiki). My biggest downfall was the Wayne/Addai shut-out this week. Wayne had a nice game (110 yards), but the Colts used to score up one side and down the other. They really are a poor poor team at this point. This week the Saints look like what I thought the Colts should look like.
  5. OK so this is another one and done for me in the play-offs. Guy in my league was joking with me at the draft about how I should get an award for having the best teams every year but never have won a championship. This year I had a rocky road with mostly great players who didn't score a bit (except the Bears) This week was par for the course for my team this year. I had one decision and couldn't really make up my mind, I went with Addai and Tiki instead of Bush, my 4th RB Chester would have put up good numbers (I suppose) if he had not been injured. So I couldn't decide b/t Tiki, Addai and Bush Made a few WDIS threads about it and got about 5 votes Bush and 5 votes Addai. So I can't decide, so I look at the game odds and see Indy is supposed to win. I had a gut feeling they were going to go off this week (and score a lot). Saints was a 7 point dog and they have so many weapons I didn't know what to expect from Bush. So I figure Tiki was an OK strart at number one, and didn't have a good feel for my second RB, so went with my gut and started Addai. Well long story short, these guys did not score a TD this week: Chester SS Wayne Gonzo Addai Tiki The only position player on my team that did score a TD was (you guessed it) Bush who I had on my bench and thus cost me the game and the season
  6. well so much for all my best intentions, Bush already has more points and it's still the 1st Quarter. Sucks none of my players scored a TD (Tiki, Wayne, SS, Gonzo, Addai) and no FGs from my kicker, well there I still the Bears to go.
  7. Worst FFL decision today...

    I started Addi instead of Bush (can't say how bad it will be, but Addai sucked an egg and Rhodes walked in for a TD)>? Not so sad b/c my opponent sarted Caldwell over Booker And my opponent did not start T.Henry (he started LJ and T.Jones (?))
  8. Is GONZO playing or what?

    can't tell by the box score
  9. flip a coin. I am going with Joseph. I didn't see Bush/Addai last week, but the way I hear it was Indy tried to get Rhodes more involved and with that they lost. I think Addai and Bush may well outscore Tiki (my other RB) but I'm not sure witch one or both will do it, while I'm fairly sure Tiki will get his usual 100 yards and no TDs.
  10. I just read Chester is OUT and Tiki as much as I hate to say is my only RB that should get the ball 20 times. Addai v Jags (colts are 1 pt favorite) Bush v Cowboys (Saints are 7 point dogs) Bush and Addai have had 4 TD games and I didn't have either one playing at the time...... Any thoughts? 1 for 10 rec yards 1 for 20 rush yards 6 for TD
  11. First week of the play-offs........... Tiki v Panthers Bush v Cowboys Addai v Jags Chester (?) v Lions 1 for 20 rush yards 1 for 10 rec yards 6 for TD Thanks I'm leaning towards Tiki and Addai
  12. wdis QB

    good point
  13. Sheepishly looking at my roster of RBs: Chester will he play? Addai vs Jags (not a great match-up) Bush vs Dall (still waiting for 2 solid games in a row) TIKI vs Panthers Tiki is my most reliable starter this week, just like almost every other week could this be the week he scores his second TD?