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  1. What do you need tonight?

    thanks to gates' spare performance last night i am down by 33 with wayne left. need another denver game from him.
  2. Last minute Bears RB

    I just put Benson in and took T. Jones out at the flex.
  3. RB conundrum

    green is a no-brainer. mcgahee is more reliable than edge.
  4. Tough playoff RB decision

    i like gore and alexander. just a hunch.
  5. Pick two : Taylor, EJames, Betts

    taylor, betts.
  6. What is Pinner doing in there?

    I am not watching the game. Is Fason getting the carries now that Pinner fumbled?
  7. What is Pinner doing in there?

    It isn't like the members of this board went to vikings practice and decided that fason was going to start. we just rely on information from sites like this. Rotowire and several others all said fason was starting up to 30 minutes before kickoff. If these sites don't know who is starting they should simply say it.
  8. What is Pinner doing in there?

    at this point i am just hoping for 5-7 points.
  9. What is Pinner doing in there?

    no funeral............gunshot
  10. What is Pinner doing in there?

    hopefully fason will get the gaol line carries.
  11. What is Pinner doing in there?

    any word on fason?
  12. Need Win to Make Playoffs

    I would start T. Jones(Don't worry about Benson). Choosing b/w boldin and driver is a tough call but I would bench Boldin b/c of fitzgerald.
  13. Start/Bench list has Eli ahead of Vince

    I am faced with the same problem and am starting young this week(1st week of playoffs) simply based on my league's scoring system. Rushing TDs are worth more than passing. I think you can expect a mediocre fantasy day from both of them though. In your situation (weak team) I would go with young b/c he has a better of a chance to put up monster numbers. Bottom line: neither player will lose the game for you and young has the possibility to win it for you.
  14. Have to win this game! Bad luck all year!

    1. Brown 2. Jones Drew 3. Edge
  15. Need Some Trade Advice Please

    This is really a push. In this situation i would rather have a rb or a wr. You can always find a wr to produce from waivers(i.e. crayton). It would leave you very weak at Wr though and Colston is your best player. If you start 3 wr though i wouldn't do it as rhodes would probably be serviceable enough as a number 2 back for the rest of the season(expect 5-8 points per week from him from here on out).