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  1. MNF with

    Tirico is actually a good play-by-play guy, IMO. Those other two clowns are as bad as it gets.
  2. Bob Sanders Finally Active!

    Sanders and Bethea make a nice 1-2 punch at the safeties. Is Sanders playing FS or SS? Usually the SS position is more attractive in an IDP league, but I think if Sanders is playing FS, he is the exception to the rule. If Sanders stays on the field, Indy is a much better DF.
  3. Steelers

    I would have never thought in a million years that I'd rather watch the Penguins over the Steelers. Just watched Ben's interview... Same ole crap... yada data... "I need to play better." Pretty funny though, he acutally referred to Oakland as a "great" team. Maybe his last concussion did affect his brain more than originally perceived.
  4. Steelers

    Wow. Pretty humbling... Losing to the Raiders. I knew it was bad, but this bad! Wow. Roethlisberger single handedly lost it for the Steelers. Wow. Wow. Steelers '06 SuperBowl Champs... '07 Bottom tier in the league. Is it too early to look forward to next year? At least they are moving up for the draft!
  5. BEARS @ Cardinals THREAD

    Bears lucky. Are they invincible? Not by a long shot. Good win for them, but they are not as good as I (and everyone else) thought. I feel for the Cardinals. What the HELL is up with Rackers this year?! Just goes to show you that kickers are a "dime a dozen." Great one year; sucks the next.
  6. BEARS @ Cardinals THREAD

    Outcoached and outplayed. The Arizona defense looks great tonight (well at least for one half).
  7. BEARS @ Cardinals THREAD

    The Bears would have given the Raiders a good game last night.
  8. Adrian Peterson

    I guess it's safe to assume that he won't be in the running for the Heismann.
  9. FA pickup to cover a bye week

    You have chosen to ignore all posts from: Grits and Shins. · View this post · Squeeze me a little harder Grits and Shins
  10. Fitz injury

    Bryant Johnson. Pick him up NOW.
  11. Steelers: 1-3

    Accuse me of jumping off the bandwagon, Menduo, but here are the Steelers problems: 1. Roethlisberger: Do I really need to expand here. Maybe the accident really did screw him up more than everyone thought. 2. Bill Cowher: Horrible play calling/predictable/No emotion. Yea, I know, he doesn't necessarily call the plays, but he can change them. 3. Pass Defense: Yea, they can stop the run, but did they stop ONE third and long since the 1st quarter. In all 3 losses, it's the common theme. It sucks. BTW, Rivers is better than Roethlisberger at this point.
  12. The Huddle Priority News

    Yea, you're right. Nobody is bad as CBS.
  13. The Huddle Priority News

    Yes, but, IMO, if Westy goes out now, the Eagles may not even make the playoffs. He is a VITAL part of that offense. I agree that the knee is more serious than originally thought. However, I haven't heard anything out of the Philly camp that he may have surgery. A lot of people believe that it is inevitable, based on history of the problem (bone on bone?) ala Dom Davis. I guess we'll find out soon enough. It would be a shame, because he was having a great year.
  14. In the Huddle Priority News for subscribers, this was in the email "Correll Buckhalter - RB, Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia RB Correll Buckhalter won't allow himself to be surprised again, like he was Monday when he was notified just 30 minutes before kickoff that he was replacing the injured Brian Westbrook. HUDDLE UP: It's beginning to look more and more like Buckhalter will get that call. Westbrook didn't practice again on Thursday, continuing to nurse a supposed "bone bruise" in his knee. Don't be surprised, though, if Westbrook guts it out in the big game against Dallas then is shut down the rest of the season for knee surgery." Talk about speculation! Sounds like some of the writers from CBS have come over to the huddle.
  15. Stuart Scott

    I'm not sure if a football hit his eye, but I but some other balls hit his chin quite often.