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  1. R Goodell

    Just wanted to see what you all thought of Goodell and his new rules ? is he wrong for sitting Tank, Packman and C Henry and then letting Vick skate by and give Vick a chance but not the others who were accused of less crimes ? is it fair?
  2. R Goodell

    this is not a good thing . anyway I hope it all comes out in the wash and it ends soon and they make the right calls...
  3. Keeping Gore now How bout this ?

    I like SA than Addai and Westy all will do well
  4. R Goodell

    I see your point .But its says no tolerance rule .it seems to me that it means one chance ... right? if that rule applies to one than it applies to all no matter what the the crime was...
  5. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    I would not let Vick wash or wax my car......or have him on my fantasy team
  6. Which running back tandem is best

    it depends on your point system..if you have ppr I say Westy if no ppr I say SA
  7. LJ or Gore

  8. I had Gore last year and he kept me in the money ..if your not sold on Gore take a look at Addai I have him very high this year with his play out of the backfield when he catches the ball
  9. Larry Johnson

    it looks bad in KC im not sure LJ can carry the team...even if he does not hold out people will key on the run...
  10. Need Trade Advice

    I like what you have. Your team looks good but look around your league you might find an owner that might give you more for the players you want to trade.
  11. I would have no problem with gore at 3 . they should be much better than last year.did the second guy take SJ ?
  12. QB's 5 thru 15

    I would say Bulger Hasselbeck McNabb Kitna Leinart Green Campbell Smith Young imo....
  13. Edgerrin James

    to me it looks like you got 2 good rb and a stud qb. If it was me I would look to see what wr will be on the board and see if his value is better than James. James at this point is no better than a number 2 or 3 rb on any roster he is not the stud he used to be so I would go with a stud wide out if you can get one...good luck and welcome new guy
  14. Trade Steven Jackson?

    I say take a gamble in a PPR Westy is a stud if you want to be safe SJ is a good safe start to your team so build it around him .... good luck
  15. favorite football announcer

    got to say Boomer but then anyone is better than Tony K.
  16. Mock Drafts

    no. but I think I will
  17. Chad vs. Houshmanzadeh

    I like Chad as well he can score anytime he touches the ball..
  18. please pick my keeper

    another for Taylor...
  19. Best Hosting Site

    +1 we have used RTS for the last 6 or 7 years. no problems
  20. + 1 . you have four great players with two solid backs and the Manning / Harrison hook up keep what you have IMO. thats a good core of guys to build a team around... good luck
  21. I just picked up SJax...

    good trade ! im not to sure KJ will play more than Bell but since both have a new coach and system who knows. but im with you I have some crazy thought that DET will be a dark hourse and might play 500 ball this year and that seems fair with the talent that they have at the moment..
  22. Pick 8

    IM in the same boat and I hope to get Addai
  23. Benson Davis Cotchery Jennings