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  1. Is Dayne not playing?

    he was listed as active, just wondering why he is not getting carries
  2. need to fill a bye week, Hakim had a good week last week, week before Furrey showed out. Any help from you guys would be much appreciated...PPR league by the way
  3. Trade T Jones and Jennings for R Brown

    i would make that offer but would not expect him to accept
  4. Guy wants FITZ & KJ for Driver & Parker

    you have to keep in mind that Parker is in a run-first-always offense in pittsburgh and he's also getting the goal line carries as we saw last week. Kevin Jones hasn't done anything worth mentioning at all except for this past week when he finally got in the endzone. So if its me, and I had to make that decision...I probably make the trade. Favre is looking solid this year, and you know green bay is definately a pass oriented offense, and driver is going to put up solid numbers. Both Driver and Fitz are having trouble finding the endzone, so you want to look at yards and receptions a little more to evaluate. Either way the deciding factor for me has to be Willie Parker upgrade...only bright spot all year for KJ was when he goes up against the Packers D, or lack there of.
  5. Guy wants FITZ & KJ for Driver & Parker

    fitz and driver are both solid, so thats prob a wash...but i'd definately take willie parker upgrade over kevin jones...up to you to pull the trigger though
  6. I'm leaning towards dropping Seattle's D to pick up Maurice Drew or Chris Henry...what do you guys think?
  7. Another Trade Advice Thread

    lol whatever youre on send it my way cause it sounds like ur on cloud 9
  8. Trade LT or not

    I wouldn't do it...whats your waiver wire lookin like for qb free agents?
  9. Trade offered this morning...

    not a keeper league...only thing that makes it debatable is FWP is a great rb to have to cycle in with matchups and bye weeks...and im still optimistic about dwilliams for the rest of the season...tough decision here
  10. I'm dominating right now in one of my leagues which is an 8 man current roster is: QB: Bledsoe, Leinart RB: Edge, SJax, F.Gore, Westbrook, FWP, D.Williams WR: Boldin, R.Williams, Galloway, Toomer TE: Shockey, Heap, LJ Smith K: S. Graham D:Baltimore We play a lot of flex players, and can start as many as 4 rbs at a time ( 2 rb's and 2 w/rb's) and also have a te and a w/t which is the reason for the 3 te's...not a ppr league my only weakness right now is QB...which makes this trade offer worth note. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance
  11. Trade help?

    no way
  12. its not a keeper league...tough decision none the less though
  13. what is your current depth at rb besides taylor and westbrook?
  14. I have Warner, Bledsoe, and Leinart....was going to wait with Bledsoe to see how he performs over the next few weeks to give him the chop or not because I initially drafted him as my starter. But Grossman is becoming more and more enticing. What do you guys think?
  15. debating whether or not to pick Grossman up and drop Leinart....but with the injury prone, fumbling Warner at the helm of an offense with so many weapons I'm not quite sure which is the best move. Any input would be appreciated guys...thanks