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  1. Doug Gabriel or DeAngelo?

    CANNOT DROP DEANGELO. Don't do it. He is much more valuable than Gabriel.
  2. Ronnie Brown or Reuben Droughns?

    You picked Brown high, play him week #1. You don't know anything yet, play your studs
  3. Chester Taylor for Donald Driver?

    Not yet. See how yours play out first. Evans is a decent #3 for now. I would want more for Taylor
  4. Trade Advice...

    Yea, I'd do that deal as well. You hate to give up on Gore, but I like Anquan more than Williams and you work security in the handcuff
  5. Burress for Eli?

    Any other opinions? My gut says to accept the trade
  6. Burress for Eli?

    My backup QB options are to get Vick or Favre back in the trade OR get Leftwich or Aaron Brooks off the wire
  7. WR Advice

    If Horn is healthy, Wayne and Horn. Wayne is an every week starter. check out my Eli/Burress post
  8. Harrison for Wayne

    I agree, if it's not a keeper, do it.
  9. Please rate my team

    In a 12 team, B+/A- but you knew that already. Good backs. #2 WR needs help but you have the depth to give to go get one. check out my Eli/Burress trade post. Thanks
  10. Burress for Eli?

    I give Eli I get Burress Would you do it?
  11. Eli for Burress?

    If you don't mind, what is your rational on passing on the deal? I'm asking because I feel like I HAVE to take that deal for value.
  12. I can add one more player to my roster...

    I agree. Jackson or Taylor goes, get Norwood
  13. Which Defense?

  14. Eli for Burress?

    I give Eli for Burress Would you do it if you were me? My team: QB: C. Palmer, E. Manning RB: R. Brown, C. Williams, C. Taylor, C. Benson, W. Lundy WR: A. Boldin, J. Horn, Michael Clayton, E. Wilford TE: Heap, H. Miller K: J. Brown D: Steelers, Cowboys Performance scoring. 4 pts for passing TDs, 6 for all other TDs, 1 pt per 20 yds passing, 1 pt per 10 yds rushing/receiving