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  1. I thought Harrison had impressed during pre-season and cemented himself as #2? That's certainly why I've got him in a keeper.
  2. I'm thinking about upgrading D'Qwell Jackson (DL) with what's on the wire; Yahoo system where DLs come from linemen and line backers. Best seems to be Min's Napoleon Harris, NO's S Fujita and Arizona's G Hayes which I saw on the IDP report. Keeper where we start 4 DLs and 4 DBs, 1.5 tckl, .75 asst, 2 sack 2 int. Opinions would be appreciated. Also, is it worth keeping hold of Huff? Slightly disappointing start so far compared to Simms (I have a young group of IDPs).
  3. Larry Johnson Trade proposal

    He's not got much at RB or WR, and i don't expect he'd trade LJ without getting two starting backs in return. So I echo fitzkek, you can try with McGahee and Jones for LJ and Bennet.
  4. Brooks done?

    touissapo = inactive
  5. Westbrook GTD!

    Benched him.
  6. Huh ?

    But that actually makes sense...
  7. Betts

    Offer him to the Portis owner, there's a fair chance he's spooked and will bite. As to the value, this is the weekend we find out how Betts and Duckett fit together.
  8. Huh ?

    Maybe he's thinking nagging injury all year for Palmer? But even then you think he'd get better value by shopping him around.
  9. I'm the opposite, i think you should do that in a redraft, upgrade wr, solidfy rb.
  10. Jerry Porter rumors?

    Well I wouldn't turn up for training if I'd done that...
  11. R Wayne Injury?

    NFL gamecentre is reporting an injury and i can't get to a pc with speakers to use my field pass What's the injury looking like?
  12. L. Maroney Playing

    The guy who traded Maroney to me on Tuesday?
  13. Ravens @ Bucs

    I can see it after that performance, finally got a good QB and they're off!
  14. Ravens @ Bucs

    I've only got it on radio, but both: Balt D sounds great and our offence sounds bad. If Grads moves the team now we're back to QB arguments all season.
  15. Steelers sign RB Davenport

    How much does this reduce Verron Haynes' value as a backup? I suspect not much given Najeh's injury reputation.
  16. I don't expect much from my boys against the Ravens D this week, but the Eagles D is a sleeping gaint, very potent sack potential. If Houston's preseason is anything to go by they can't pass, so the Eagles will just eat Lundy alive. Go the Eagles.
  17. RB Help

    Brown, top ten back and the Dolphins have a passing attack which means the Steelers can't flood forward...unlike Droughns. Who knows how many carries Rhodes will get and I fear Seattle will kill Jones.
  18. Trade Gore and Rhodes for Portis

    Who else have you got?
  19. Does anywhere do deep IDP rankings? I've found the top 50s here at the Huddle but my league is deeper than that. (Or do they really not matter after the top 50?)
  20. Drop Branch for Year?

    I got fed up of Branch's hit or miss games last season when he was playing, so I'm with everyone who says drop him now he's in the doghouse.
  21. I heard some good things about Brooks from the Bengals camp a few weeks ago, how's he looking now? Will he be getting much playing time? Is he 'the future'?
  22. I'm new to IDPs outside my homer team, so was wondering if the following news meant Roman's downgraded: "Sep 4 Matt Maiocco, of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, reports San Francisco 49ers FS Mike Adams has held on to the starting job ahead of FS Mark Roman. Head coach Mike Nolan said Roman will rotate into games with SS Tony Parrish and Adams. " Seems to me like a guy can't get 90 tackles again if he's rotating in, but maybe it's a good situational thing?
  23. Big Ben to miss season opener

    If i believed in curses...
  24. Parker for M. Bell

    Another nod for Parker. Well, more than a nod, he's a definite starting rb and while he might lose goal line carries Mike Bell might lose entire games... I couldn't shift Bell in a team I inherited for toffee.