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  1. As per the Bucs front page (and apparently post draft coverage) the punk tight end who can't catch has signed with the Bucs. As you can tell, I'm a little unsure about this...
  2. Hi, is anywhere broadcasting radio coverage of the draft over the web? I've used nfl and espn in the past (I think), but can't find any details of anything this year. Thanks.
  3. Radio coverage of draft on web?

    Thanks! (Good old 3-day free trial...)
  4. So, what gives-Lance Briggs.

    Might be worth mentioning, in case anyone who's reading this doesn't know, the Bucs will be releasing LB Shelton Quarles.
  5. So, what gives-Lance Briggs.

    There's so much talent at fourth I think I prefer to Briggs...
  6. Who will your team pick?

    Gaines Adams. I see CJ and Joe Thomas going in the top three, leaving us with one of the better ends in the draft - and we need D-line help badly. Ideally we'd trade down a few for anyone who covets Brady Quinn (well, ideally we'd be able to draft CJ at four...) and still get an excellent starter for the D.
  7. Consensus NFL Mock Draft

  8. Bucs trading up to #2?

    Good point, I hadn't thought of it that way. Chucky has been linked with CJ, AD and Quinn in recent weeks...
  9. Bucs trading up to #2?

    Not sure if I like that or not. I can certainly live with getting some value of out of Rice, and I'd rather he went then all our seconds (which need to be spent on the Dline), but do we really benefit by trading up two places given that the Raiders might still take CJ. Not a trade you'd expect to see done until the second fifteen minute slot?
  10. Team Needs

    I'd rather see safety in there for the Bucs instead of RB, too early to give up on Caddy yet (especially given how much we need a safety).
  11. Whispers

    Could be wrong, but I don't think he's actually filed the papers yet?
  12. Bucs: Johnson. Can't see him lasting until 4.
  13. More on Turner

    Must be a typo surely?
  14. Bucs to get honorary award from U.S. Army

    Simms is certainly an odd choice. I'd have expected Brooks or Alstott first...
  15. COLTS get 3 additional draft picks this year

    Per KFFL: "34th and 38th pick in the fourth round (134th and 137th overall), the 37th pick in the fifth round (174th overall) and the 33rd pick in the sixth round (207th overall)."
  16. Exciting Steelers Moves From This Off-season

    At least they didn't sign a guy who then retired.
  17. Colts players salary cap numbers for 2007

    A trade where both sides are still happy then.
  18. Cato June

    I'm happy with that, I don't think we've overpaid really with an average of four million a year.
  19. Charles Grant to meet with Bucs today

    Me too. June's got a few tackling issues but Kiffin could work those out.
  20. Rookies your team may be interested in drafting

    Only one safety and no centers for the Bucs... not convinced. Interesting to see Brady Quinn on the list.
  21. Alstott signs a 1 year extension

    He'll vulture a few of the short yardage tds, but we've got to get to the goal line first...
  22. Kellen Winslow Jr. Update:

    Apparently so.
  23. Corey Dillon Done

    Now that's how you should retire.
  24. Browns win coin toss...

    Never mind, makes a trade down less likely, but it's not like CJ is a lock to get past the Raiders or Matt Millen anyway...
  25. Firing Dungy for Gruden

    Even with hindsight, I wouldn't have changed a thing. I'm glad Tony finally won a ring, but i'm still very glad the Bucs won one at a time I could appreciate it.