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  1. Pick 3 Keepers

    Another for Jackson, Taylor and Colston.
  2. Keepers

    As of now, Westbrook and Mojo. The long term variable is where Turner ends up.
  3. Parcells' Replacement

    FWIW (little to nothing) there's a buzz on the Bucs boards about Gruden putting his name forward for the Dallas job. Not saying it's going to happen, just pooling the rumours.
  4. So, how did you become an NFL fan?

    I didn't see any until I was about twenty, but you do have to search it out a bit here in the UK, and one night while idling surfing the channels I caught a highlights programme, just the best bits from a week's games. What hooked me was an over the shoulder catch, never seen anything like it before, just watched it from then on. Took me a while to work out the rules! As for supporting the Bucs, i don't know how I landed on them, but I figured that being too excited to sleep before that Rams-Bucs playoff game qualified me as a fan.
  5. Boot Camp Tom to return

    I'm convinced he's lost that team.
  6. Who do you root for?

    I tend to do this, but I'm rooting for the Colts in the playoffs because I want Dungy to win it. I respect what he did for the Bucs and would like him to get a ring rather than be known for choking. Assuming the Colts don't make it i'll root for a Chargers/Saints bowl. No quibble with either of those.
  7. Trade Help

    I'd make the trade, you'll be giving yourself a double dose of first round talent for the next three years.
  8. Mora Fired

    For a couple of million a year i'd coach the Raiders.
  9. Dear Mr Hunt and God,

    Well that worked!
  10. Offensive comeback player of the year

    I'm not saying i'd vote for him, but i'd put Pennington on the list. Did anyone think he'd ever play a full season again?
  11. I was just wondering what people made of the 49ers Keith Lewis as a dynasty prospect, especially compared to other newcomers (as starters at least) like Bethea. I seem to remember the 49ers were comfortable enough with him to release someone?
  12. calling all champions

    It's the joy of winning for me. I get too serious when money is involved so only play for prestige.
  13. kick out league champ

    I'm of the school of thought that says the winner should be invited back to defend their title.
  14. Congrats, no better advert for the site!
  15. Some love for Ladell Betts

    If I win this week, a large part will down to Betts and his 129Yds and 2 TDS. Well done that man!
  16. anyone else win their 1st Championship today?

    Been playing for five years, never won the big one until today. Thanks LT and my IDPers. Oh, and Betts!
  17. I'll start it - Merry Christmas everyone

    Happy Holidays!
  18. Cash Trades

    I concur.
  19. Your Second Team

    I got the Colts!? Actually, I do hope Dungy gets a ring.
  20. Is this a Rumor or What?

    Such a move would kill Turner's value.
  21. Rattay named Bucs starter.

    Per Pewter Report and KFFL, Rattay has been announced as the Bucs starter. Possibly only of interest to Jolly Rodger and I.
  22. Rattay named Bucs starter.

    Good summary, but I can see Gurden wanting to do something daft like bring Plummer in.
  23. T Jax will get the start

    I've got him in a Dynasty league, will be watching this forthcoming game with great interest.