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  1. kick out league champ

    I'm of the school of thought that says the winner should be invited back to defend their title.
  2. Congrats, no better advert for the site!
  3. Some love for Ladell Betts

    If I win this week, a large part will down to Betts and his 129Yds and 2 TDS. Well done that man!
  4. anyone else win their 1st Championship today?

    Been playing for five years, never won the big one until today. Thanks LT and my IDPers. Oh, and Betts!
  5. I'll start it - Merry Christmas everyone

    Happy Holidays!
  6. Cash Trades

    I concur.
  7. Your Second Team

    I got the Colts!? Actually, I do hope Dungy gets a ring.
  8. Is this a Rumor or What?

    Such a move would kill Turner's value.
  9. Rattay named Bucs starter.

    Per Pewter Report and KFFL, Rattay has been announced as the Bucs starter. Possibly only of interest to Jolly Rodger and I.
  10. Rattay named Bucs starter.

    Good summary, but I can see Gurden wanting to do something daft like bring Plummer in.
  11. T Jax will get the start

    I've got him in a Dynasty league, will be watching this forthcoming game with great interest.
  12. Should I be able to bargain?

    As others have said, ignore the Commish, agree it privately, then recommend it for next season.
  13. Cinny's offensive Stats for tonight

    I've got to think Rudi gets all the love following the Jags example last week.
  14. Rattay named Bucs starter.

    Hopefully we won't see a repeat of Grad's career trajectory.
  15. How bad is Raider Offense?

    Be funny if they do after the grief we got.
  16. Steven Jackson

    He's really repaid everyone who acquired him in Keeper/Dynasty formats hoping the departure of Martz meant more of him.
  17. Gradkowski out, Rattay in

    I don't think we're missing Simms. I think we're missing Griese.

    Ah, got it, thanks.

    Bubbles? Like soap sud bubbles?
  20. If the Texans could pick again

    D'Brickshaw Ferguson.
  21. Fred Taylor/Edge/Sam Morris

    If you have to decide before the Thursday game you have to go with Edge and Morris just because you know they're healthy and they start. If you don't, keep an eye, I'd prefer Taylor over Morris myself.
  22. Vick or Roethlisberger? WDIS

    Always tempting to do something like that, but resist and stick with Roth this week.
  23. Colston Update

    Good news!
  24. Trip to the Championship! WDIS

    I'm using Booker as cover for DJax this weekend, would go with Brown as well.
  25. Congratulations LT2

    Well done LT!