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  1. Mike Peterson

    Just double checking Mike Peterson goes back to being the heart of the Jags D next year. (He's been dropped in a dynasty league i'm in by a guy using all his spots to run for the title this year.)
  2. Looks like Betts is staying put in Washington, kills most of the dynasty value this guy could have had in the off season. Looks like a superb deal for him though, quite a few million early on. Forgot the link:
  3. Mike Peterson

    Thanks guys.
  4. I tried it for the first time this year, but can't offer any advice as I performed woefully.
  5. WR Michael Clayton - Bucs

    No, Jon Goldsberry, a FB on the Practice Squad.
  6. WR Michael Clayton - Bucs

    I love the fact we've signed someone once called "The Big Ten’s “Best Special Teams Kamikaze”". I'm not sure if that's a very good thing for a very bad one...
  7. Speaking of ties ...

    Harsh. We may see something like that in real life though.
  8. do i sit LJ?

    You're overthinking, stick him in and sleep well.
  9. Please Help I Will Help You

    Deuce, Dunn, Roy, Henderson, maroney
  10. Weather in Tonights Cinn/BLT Game - Thunderstorms

    Say thanks to your bro, great info.
  11. Weather in Tonights Cinn/BLT Game - Thunderstorms

    What did the wind look like? Still rough?
  12. Keeper League (3 keepers)

    LT, Westbrook and Wayne.
  13. Holy Crap I need help!

    I think Romo is a solid play if you're worried about Balt and the rain, i'd certainly start him if i had him over Palmer. No idea on the backs.
  14. Colts IDP

    Any update on the Bethea injury?
  15. With Colstan's status still unknown i'm thinking of rolling Henry out again, only this week the Balt matchup has me worried. Anyone comfortable Ocho and Housh will keep the coverage? Or is the consensus he'll get shut down and it's Colstan or Bryant gamble time?

    I've been a stand in player several times over the years, you should be able to ask around and find someone to take it over for the remainder of the season. It's actually quite fun seeng what you can do with a team in just a few weeks.
  17. Romo replaces Bledsoe on Pro Bowl ballot

    What will they do with the vote Bledsoe's mother cast for him?
  18. Keeper Question

    See if he'll do it for a first rounder, I managed to get one last year for Willie. But whoever you keep, make sure it's a RB. If the season pans out right you might want Williams, even Taylor, as the keeper.
  19. I have a Perry shaped spot that might have his name on it. Depends when he's added to FF rosters.
  20. Cowboys K Mike Vanderjadt released

    Nice to see the little guy* back on a team. *not an insult, i seem to remember he is rather small.
  21. Troy Polamalu

    I like Polamalu and his play, hope the injury isn't as bad as hinted.
  22. What's Going on in your League?

    All my leagues have the same pattern: one or two guys away at the top, a massive dogfight for the remaining playoff places and one guy who's had a bad year. I've managed to get into all three spots
  23. Brooks?!?

    And another.
  24. Today I am a Tennessee fan

    Vince is looking good.
  25. who is starting opposite Horn?

    Already a good day for Henderson!