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  1. keeper league trade?

    Hold tight.
  2. Yahoo....position issue

    Once the draft has happened player positions are set in stone for the season.
  3. Need Quick Help on Competing Dynasty Trade

    I like two as well, for identical reasons.
  4. dynasty league

    If you're going from re-draft into dynasty, start afresh with a new draft. If you're going from keepers, as I think you are, I'd recommend keeping the current keeper limit going into the first dynasty season, so long term players can keep their long term guys, and then draft the rest on a big roster. Only if everyone wants a new draft should you.
  5. Worried? Yes. LT owners should have/get Turner.
  6. 100 yard day for the Chargers, worth a pick up?
  7. Chris Perry to start

    I'm sure he feels chastened.
  8. What D to start

    Start the Panthers, the Bucs aren't exactly firing on offense. Sadly.
  9. NE vs Jets

    I'm liking Maroney more and more.
  10. Chris Perry to start

    KFFL:"ESPN reports Cincinnati Bengals RB Rudi Johnson will not start the Week 10 game because of disciplinary reasons. He will play in the game, but RB Chris Perry will start." Yep, doesn't look like Perry gains much value if Rudi is ready to go should things get hairy.
  11. BIG offer

    Personally I think you're giving too much away in Westy if you're still in the playoff hunt.
  12. Dillon or Maroney in 2007

    I think the lack of replies is due to the Pats being totally unreadable. They let Branch go, so who knows whether Dillon will be kept... I do like Maroney in a dynasty though, got him myself. Ideally you want to have both, just in case
  13. Should this be vetoed?

    Someone has to win. Trade looks fine to me.
  14. Seriously considering overturning this one...

    Trade looks fine, the #2 guy is gambling on a guy who might not be back this season.
  15. Conflicted Comish Confirming Collusion?

    I'm gonna go the other way, I can see how each side would benefit from that, one guy is getting the Qb help he needs and doubling his rbs, the other is trading change for a sure guy. A few bits are gambles, but it really doesn't look too one sided. And hey, people overpay for their homers all the time.
  16. Do it or not?

    Don't do it, Maroney is surely a stud and Keyshawn is not a long term answer.
  17. Can anyone guess

    I'd have said 9-0,8-1 or something, but your question suggests something shocking. That team surely can't be below 5-4.
  18. I've got a similiar dilemma, with Gates instead of Clark. Not sure my karma would hold up with Colston as TE.
  19. I lost by 0.2 points...

    The close ones are always more annoying than blow outs. 0.2
  20. Sophomore slump!..

    If you think Carnell's sophomore is bad, just think of us Bucs fans who've got to watch Michael Clayton too.
  21. Jacksonville Jaguars WR PROJECTIONS

    Still awesome work on your part.
  22. Can anyone give me some insight into the value of Fujita, Daryl Smith, Landon Johnson, D'Quell Jackson and Manny Lawson. I've got Fujita and Smith at the moment but always have my eye on improving and am thinking of bringing Johnson in, however this is my first year at IDP and i'd like to double check. It's an eight idp starter 16 team league. Thanks.
  23. Thanks for the advice, scoring is: Tackle Solo (1.5) Tackle Assist (.75) Sack (2)
  24. Burress' value in dynasty terms

    Try and get something in addition to Plax, Harrison must be good for him and a long term rookie.
  25. WDIS QB?