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  1. Maroney or Dillon ?

    I'm starting Maroney.
  2. Sportsline no longer listing Colston as TE

    Once the draft is done the positions should be set in stone for the year. It's all about draft position and value.
  3. Do I do it?

    Yeah, on balance I'd do it, it's basically trading out Edge for a gamble on Henry being the real deal or Bush getting more action and a swap between D-jax and Keyshawn. Can you delay it for 24 hours and see if Henry is real and D-Jax suffers? That might be the cluncher.
  4. Late breaking news

    Thanks for that update, tempting to sit Cotchery now for Chris Henry.
  5. wdis.... favre or bulger

  6. Brees, Frye, or Young

    I'm starting Young and would over the other two guys. Would normally say Brees, but not against the Ravens.
  7. Have last minute questions?

    Did the time go back an hour in the US last night? (It went back here in the UK and I don't want to be late for game-time inactives and the radio)
  8. Novice Bitching

    The new Bruce owner may even come out on top. Totally fair trade.
  9. Dynasty Pre-season: McCardell and Vanden Bosch out for Maroney. Pleased. Pre-season: Randel-El out for Colstan. Very pleased. Week four: Maurice Morris and Mike Bell out for Vince Young. Wanted Young as backup QB. Pleased.
  10. TB radio call from final play

    "Say hallelujah!" "Hallelujah!"" Yeah, it was funny.
  11. Trade advice!

    You don't need to do that.
  12. Dynasty League Integrity

    Still looks like he's tanking.
  13. His production has been declining, other wr's seem to be getting more looks. I also have Wayne, Colston, Cotchery, Pat's Jackson and Chris Henry; we start three, it's ppr, 16 teams... should i really be shopping Bryant out for some IDP assistance? Thought about trying to package him and going for a better receiver, but most of the better WRrs are owned by teams which don't anything I have. (My backs are LT, Turner, Marony, Lundy, Perry, Calhoun)
  14. Dynasty League Integrity

    He's tanking. People should be allowed to be stupid, but trading everything out, keeping starting players on a taxi squad and then explicitly stating he's trying to get the #1 pick, which you can only do by losing is definite tanking. Yes people can have long term aims, trade studs out for prospects, but you have to still try and win games; he's admitted he isn't.
  15. No. Not only is Lamont gimpy, but they won't tell you he's gimpy so you can't make a decision on him. You look strong at back anyway, you might get a wr or qb for Washington if you want to move him.
  16. Should I Make This Trade?

    Green's a big risk, I'd only consider it if you had room for (and had) Herron and Morency. Edge and Berrian might get you someone less risky.
  17. Would you make this trade?

    Do it, you're moving your 4th and 5th backs for a (now much needed) QB. Of the two I like Delhomme, Grossman still worries me.
  18. I'm 7-0

    I meant the guy who had Edge was doing it without a 1/2nd rounder, not me, LT went second.
  19. I'm 7-0

    I've managed 7-0 but that's thanks to LT and my IDPs. Doing it 'without' a first/second rounder is mighty impressive.
  20. Drop Clayton. At the very least Benson and co have more trade value if you want to get rid of them.