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  1. What do you need tonight?

    Up by 60, he's got Fason and Vandy left. For once i feel confident...
  2. 62 Yarder: Bucs Win

    Wow, third longest ever is that?
  3. Westbrook Just Hit 100 Mark

    Five missed tackles on that big run.
  4. Ahman Green

    KFFL posted a report saying he would start and he isn't an inactive. Nothing saying he won't.
  5. WDIS QB

    I'd say your safe with either, but I prefer Delhomme in this.
  6. I've had Parker in my lineup all week but this morning switched to Jackson. Parker got some yards against a tough D last week, but now Pitt is worrying me.
  7. Trade

    The player who received Portis by accident should also be emailing you and asking for a change. If he doesn't, well
  8. Chris Henry

    I picked him up a few weeks back in a dynasty when a disgruntled owner got annoyed, having a hard time judging his trade value though. Is he equal to a Braylon Edwards? Lower? Higher? Really can't see him staying available long term...
  9. Ripping the new guy a new one.

    I'm normally one who argues for never vetoing trades, but that's when pure FF material is involved (draft picks, players etc.) When you bring outside material in (in this case beer), then I'd veto them all. Everything has to stay within the game or it just comes down to the richest player.
  10. Colts trade a second round pick for a booger

    We'll take that too...
  11. Depends, I'm in leagues where no one ever trades, waiver wire is all the activity you ever see.
  12. Colts trade a second round pick for a booger

    Overpaid/underachieving. Hope he does okay for you, I'm pleased by the second rounder, should help us rebuild the Dline.
  13. Monday Night

    Six points from Hayes, which should be four solo tackles. He's done it before, but he only had one last week. Fingers crossed.
  14. Everyone who got screwed by Turner check in.

    I had to put him in as a bye week filler, but I've also got LT and am more than happy.
  15. Michael Turner

    They mentioned him as being in the backfield on the NFl gamepass radio thingy.
  16. LT - 3 TDs Baby!

    Well done LT. Now sit down, don't get injured and let Turner get 3 in the second. Then I look like a genius rather than a desperate bye week scrapper.
  17. I am F***D

    My bad, i was thinking of Fason.
  18. I am F***D

    Has Fargas even been active for a game?
  19. C Perry's value?

    C Perry's been getting some love here. I had him at the season's start but dropped after the injury and he's still on waivers. Do people think he'll come back and force a committee or replace an injured Rudi?
  20. C Perry's value?

    I think he's in the third year of a five year, $7 million contract.
  21. C Perry's value?

    I agree with you, was beginning to think I'd missed something.
  22. If your favorite team was eliminated

    With no Bucs whatever team Dungy is coaching. I want him to get his ring.
  23. Huard's long term value?

    By most accounts Trent Green is returning to play in the next month or so, but with his current performance does Huard have any long term value, either as a starter in KC or elsewhere? I'm not saying QB controversy, but are people keeping him in Dynasty?
  24. Bryant for Braylon?

    I've got the chance to snap up Braylon Edwards, but it'll cost me Bryant. Dynasty league, so one for the long term. I've not been watching the 49ers, is Edwards just in a small slump or showing real colours?
  25. I'd have thought Johnson.