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  1. Big Trouble....Need Input

    Another vote for trying to trade Jamal. If that doesn't work you have to go get a WR rather than muddle through, and I'd drop Lewis and keep Jacobs, that way you have your two starting RBs and one cuffed. If the other one goes down you can probably get someone who equates to Jamal at this point.
  2. Huard's long term value?

    I was thinking of trading him to someone needing bye week help (16 team league, some only have 1 qb and waiver is dry) but he's looking damn solid. It wouldn't be the first time Green lost his start after an injury. Wanted to add: I do hope Green recovers fully.
  3. if the NFL cancelled Monday Night Football ...

    As MNF is the only game I can see here without a costly subscription I'd be gutted.
  4. Mike Peterson OUT FOR THE YEAR

    Who takes over? Gilbert's #2 on the chart, but does someone get moved in? Smith?
  5. Monday Nite

    I think that's what he needs to happen for him to win.
  6. I'd be sad at the loss if there wasn't a bookmaker within five minutes walk.
  7. Monday Nite

    I need 30 points from my kicker and the Denver D. It's possible, my opponent got 38 points from their kicker and D...but I have the Baltimore kicker, so every point cancels out!
  8. Simms scores!?

    Gamecentre is showing Simms as passing for a TD and my Fieldpass isn't working. What's going on?
  9. Simms scores!?

    They've changed it to Gradkowski now, that looks right!
  10. Gabriel or Jennings

    I'm looking for a stop-gap play with Driver down and Fitz risky. Was going to plug Jennings in, but just noticed the love Gabriel is getting in the Huddle articles. I've not been too high on Pats receivers, but with Jennings probably getting double teamed is Gabriel the play? Or do I just shut up and play Fitz, most people seem to be sticking with him.
  11. Gabriel or Jennings

  12. Ronnie Brown or Lamont Jordon

    I'm going for 5-0 too and am starting Jordan over Brown.
  13. Well, I had benched Fitz for Driver, but he looks even more injured. Now I'm thinking about keeping Fitz benched for Jennings... Anyone else tempted to drop the stud?
  14. 18 and 1/2 points?

    You and me both. Yes they'll probably get it, but just too big a number.
  15. Is Moats worth picking up?

    Sit pat, keep Clark, start Norwood. Keep an eye on the Philly game though, it's not impossible that Westbrooks knee and Buckhalters whole body to give out the same game, then Moats is a hot pickup. I decided not to grab him yet after Buck still carried after his fumbles.
  16. Who are you dropping Fitz for?

    Guess everyone is keeping the faith!
  17. Does this look like collusion?

    Doesn't look like collusion to me. The Palmer player shifts his depth and gambles on Taylor and Chambers holding on and finishing strong, the Taylor player takes a gamble on Palmer for a hit at RB and probably equal wideouts. Seems fine.
  18. League voted Colston out @ TE.

    Find a new league, not a new option. Fiddling the player designations to suit themselves is surely cheating. They might as well vote on how many weeks to ban Haynesworth.
  19. WDIS? Disappointing RB's

    I'm starting Jordan over Brown. I wouldn't start Edge over either. I may also be a total fool.
  20. Trade!

    Do it.
  21. Currently have Brown and Fitz benched in this PPR league. Fitz because he's banged up, has a new qb and is going against a good secondary while Driver is just banged up. Jordan because he must surely have a better day against the 49ers than Brown where the Pats might fill the box. Any thoughts? I also have Maroney. (Jordan and Brown because the Jordan owner cut him about a week ago today...)
  22. Let's play a game!

    Morency's only a good play if Green is out? Either way, I like the GB slot this week over the others.
  23. Transaction limits

    No limits, reduce bench sizes if there are really no active players on the wire. A team should keep the bench as stocked as they can.
  24. Chargers

    Ah, I see it now!