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  1. New 
    Howard, Jordan MIA RB           3    
    Anderson, Robby CAR WR          2    
    Lockett, Tyler SEA WR            4    
    Maher, Brett NYJ PK                 1

    Stills 2 (just traded for)


    Smallwood, Wendell PIT RB        
    Williams, Jamaal GBP RB    
    Watson, Ben FA TE
    Carlson, Daniel, LVR PK
    Browns DEF
    Vikings DEF      1 year
    Williams, Trayveon TAXI

    20 Total Players.

  2. There's a few things we need to decide on before the season starts. Here are the two that strike me tonight:


    As Opie said, how to handle players being quarantined, given we are a contract league. I propose 3 extra IR spots. To save the Commish policing this, this year just give 3 extra spots with the same movement rules as normal IR: i.e. you can't be on IR if you're not on IR or being held back due to C19..


    But also, what do we do if our league cannot complete a season, because the NFL changes or stops. Would we look at total points over the year, and how many games minimum would we need, when do we abandon and just roll over to 2021. The NFL might stop midseason and we need our plan agreed before. I propose, to kick things off, we complete eight games deciding on total points, otherwise we roll over. Money goes to 2021, players lose their year on a contract. We can all pay $5 for MFL in 2021. I also propose if the league stops during our playoffs, we end then and do total points on the playoff totals. 

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