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    Now this decision is even more so critical. Of course my opponent not only now has LT, Brees, McGahee, Ravens against me, but he also has TO the spitter with his 18 fantasy points already against me. I need a miracle today. Henderson, Stallworth, Mark Clayton - what 2 of these 3 should I start. I will take the majority votes of this forum and go with it. PM

    After checking out the responses, I think the general consensus is that drafting SA at the 1st pick this season was probably the norm in most drafts, for sure not a dumb move. Thanks everyone for your responses. I can now sleep peacefully

    Thanks. The first guy's comment made me feel kind of stupid, but most everyone else on this forum has made me feel better about my decision.

    That's another reason why I drafted SA. I had made up my mind that if I were lucky enough to draw the Ace, I was going to pick SA. He has also beaten my butt numerous times through the years, and I wanted to start administering some beatings myself. I seem to be my own Madden curse through the years. I drafted Jerry Rice in the first round several years, the year he had his only (for his career) season ending injury. I drafted Jamal Anderson in the first round the year he had his first ACL. I even drafted LT 2 years ago in the first round, the year he was hurt for half the year. Now I draft SA for the first time ever, and look what happened to him this year. I should be on the Madden game software.

    Booker was grabbed the first week before he went off. Someone must have looked into a crystal ball. Johnson was grabbed a long time ago when Fitz was out for a few weeks when he was hurt. Concerning the cancellation thing, you all are right on it not having any mathematical effect. There is just the pyschological thing, especially when I am grasping at straws trying to figure out a way to conquer LT and Brees. The eggs in the basket theory makes sense, but I definitely have to start Duece and Colston. Henderson is just one more egg in the basket. I am also worried about what happens if Colston re-injures his ankle in the course of the game. At least then I would have Henderson to fall back on, especially with Horn being out. I sure wish that I could start 4 receivers instead of just 3 receivers and 2 rb's. Drama, drama, drama, I love this game. PM

    JJ, Thank you. PM

    If I could a few more opinions on this Stallworth vs. Mark Clayton thing, that would be great. I am so close to changing my lineup to starting Stallworth over Clayton. What do you all think? PM

    You're a tool if you did. So what does that mean? I picked SA based on the following reasons: 1. SA's record setting season last year 2. LT having a new unproven QB to deal with 3. LJ losing key offensive line blockers and having a new coach to deal with I thought SA had the less change to deal with and no one out there could have foreseen his injury season and LT's record breaking season. On looking back, obviously my draft pick was a huge mistake, but who would have known. I don't feel picking Shawn Alexander was a "tool" move. I would appreciate if you could expound on your response. PM
  9. Forum members, I have been beating myself over this all year. I had the #1 pick in my draft and picked SA over LT. How many of you all did the same thing, what did you end up doing with SA, and how have you survived this season? Luckily I made some decent trade moves (traded for Bears), had a decent follow-up draft after my SA #1 pick, made some good roster moves (picking up Colston week #2) and had some good luck. I actually traded SA for McGahee and Crumpler the week before McGahee got hurt the first time, and eventually traded McGahee for TJ. I ended the regular season at 9-4 (tied for division lead), won my first playoff game, and now need to beat Brees and LT to go to the Superbowl. I am looking forward to your responses. PM

    Thanks for all of your replies. So far I have decided to definitely go with Colston and Henderson, along with Duece (my other options at RB, can only start 2, are Edge and TJ). Since TJ is hurt, I am starting Duece and Edge. I am also thinking of starting Mark Clayton over Stallworth. I feel that the Cleveland matchup is better than the Giants matchup. Here is my lineup for my Superbowl run: Brady (or McNair) Duece Edge Colston Henderson Clayton, Mark (or Stallworth) Crumpler Gould Bears What do you all think?

    Steelhead, Thanks for your response. Concerning your situation, I guess you would need to know who Champ is covering - Boldin or Fitz. Anyone else out there on this forum have any more opinions on Steelhead's options or my Colston/Henderson options? PM
  12. Sorry, this topic may have been posted already. Since it appears that Colston is good to go, I am seriously thinking of starting both Colston and Henderson. My other options (I need to start 3 receivers) are as follows in this performance league: Colston hosting Washington Henderson hosting Washington Stallworth at the Giants or Colston or Henderson Stallworth Mark Clayton hosting Cleveland or Henderson or Colston Stallworth Mark Clayton or start both NO receivers and also Clayton. This decision is so critical. If I win, I am in the Superbowl. The really bad news is that I am going up against God (LT) and Brees (4 points awarded per TD toss, 6 points awarded per TD reception). Maybe starting both of the NO receivers will completely negate Brees (of course this could kill me if Brees throws all of his TD's toward Copper, Bush, or Duece (who I am also starting). decisions, decisions, that's why we love FF so much. I am looking forward to your replies. MD
  13. This Just In...........

    Speaking of Stewart, I'll never forget that 5 TD day. It was my first year in fantasy football. We did things all by the newspapers back then. I was at a funeral wake that day in the morning and was heading over to a fantasy football party after the wake (I think that it was in the second half by the time I headed over to my football party). I started out terrible that first season - could do nothing right. I did not know who my opponent was starting that day against me. As I am driving over to the party, I hear on the radio where Stewart has just rushed for his 4th or 5th TD already. I walked in the door to my party, betting full well that my opponent was starting Stewart against me (remember, I had no idea prior that I was playing against Stewart). Sure enough, I walk in the door and my brother greets me and says "Guess what". You can guess what the next sentence was. The even funnier thing was that I don't think that Stewart even scored another TD that season, or maybe in the rest of his career. MD
  14. Man that is a quandary you are in. It just constantly amazes me how guys who compete in something for money do not give 100% during the entire event. I have been out of playoff competition the last couple years in my main league (basicially since I won my only Superbowl) with all of my softball buddies, yet still make sure that my lineup is always competitive, at least for the spoiler aspect. The guy might give up making costly transactions towards the end when he is eliminated, but at least he should have enough interest to keep up with injuiries to key players, like Moss and Foster. I had a guy in my main league actually put in for a single QB transaction (Huard) on a Tuesday, he waited until Sunday morning to see if he got the transaction, saw that someone else (me, the commish) grabbed him due to my poor record at the time, and then complain that I stole the QB from him (our transaction request deadlines are Friday at midnight every week during the non Thursday game weeks). I just have very little sympathy for guys who have enough interest to pay $100, but not enough to complete the season or give it their best throughout the season. I would discuss this with him, pound home how important it is for him to always set the most competitive lineup possible (especially when the teams involved are still in the playoff hunt), and give him some fantasy football guidance. If he refuses, I would definitely kick him out for next season. But then, that is just me. PM