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  1. A pissed off Bengals team scares me and with a chance for some mop-up time, Turner is looking like a decent alternative. So... Caddy vs Cincy or Turner vs SF?
  2. Michael Turner - Wk 6

    Is it worth considering starting Turner @ SF over C.Williams @ Cincy? I'm afraid a pissed off Bengals team isn't going to allow much offense from TB, while Turner actually has a chance at punching one in against the Niners.
  3. Tap the Keg week 1 version

    Need to start 2RB, 2WR, TE, a WR/RB, and WR/TE RBs: R.Brown @ PIT (starting) C.Williams VS Bal (starting) W.Lundy VS Phi B.Jacobs VS Ind C.Benson @ GB WR: R.Moss VS SD (starting) Ro.Smith @StL J.Walker @ StL J.Jurevicious VS NO TE: J.Shockey VS Ind (starting) B.Franks VS Chi L.Pope VS SF
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I had planned on dropping Duce immediately and grabbing either Dominick Davis off waivers as insurance to Lundy until something is definite about him or grabbing Drew/Toefield. Greg Jones was originally my 5th back behind Lundy, and Jacobs was his replacement after news of his injury. Now that I think about it, I wish I had offered Lundy/McGahee first, but hey, rookie mistake.
  5. I'm fairly new to the FF game, but took the time, did the research, slapped down the $20 for Huddle membership, and came out of a 12 team, 16-round draft with a team I felt pretty good about. I drafted 10th, and managed to snag C.Williams with 1.10 and McGahee at 2.03. M.Bell fell to me in round 9.10 and I added Lundy and Brandon Jacobs to round off my bench. Another player in my draft (obviously new to FF himself) drafted R.Brown with his first pick, neglected running backs and ended up with a team that had R.Brown, J.Addai, and D.Staley as his only backs in a league that starts 2RB and has a flex position for a 3rd. Realizing that he was in desperate need for an upgrade in his 2nd required RB slot, I offered the McGahee/Bell for R.Brown/Duce (knowing full well that Duce is a risk to even make the team this year) to improve my 1&2 running backs since I was pretty deep in that position. Was the upgrade from a Carnell/McGahee tandem to Brown/Carnell worth going from M.Bell to Lundy as my 3rd back? Here's my league's scoring for rushing: Rushing Yards (20 yards per point; 10 points at 200 yards) Rushing Touchdowns (7) Any feedback on the first FF trade of my career would be appreciated.