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  1. Vick Indicted

    someone should tie Vick to a "rape stand"
  2. We had our lottery for both of my locals this past weekend. I was "fortunate" enough to get the 8th pick in not just 1 but BOTH leagues. Both are 12 team redraft (PPR/Standard) scoring. I really didn't want the 8th in one let alone both. I was offered the 11th in one league, should I jump on that or what????
  3. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Who: Yip Cabbage What: local truck driver for National Foodservice When: 36 and counting Where: Harrisburg, PA Why: Too old physically to play but too young at heart not to. Fantasy Bio: Not too impressive. Got hooked 9 yrs ago when local newspaper ran a free league. Over 6,000 entries and somehow I finished 3rd (thanks to a last minute M.Faulk substitution). Won 500 biggins. Figured if I could do that, a 12-man league should be a walk in the park (LOL!!!) Anyway. from that point on I was hooked. Currently 3 re-draft leagues(co-commish in one league) and joining new keeper (35 man roster w/ IDPs) this year. Made a few superbowls but no Lombardi trophy.......yet!
  4. What do the Packers do now?

    Pittman or Irons???
  5. Nice Reach Packers

    Is Harrell worthy of an avi????
  6. Nice Reach Packers

    Let's just hope the #92 Tennessee jersey he had on (worn by the late great Mr. Reggie White) has alittle Reggie left in it.
  7. Nice Reach Packers

    Was thinking of killing myself, but I won't give TT the satisfaction!!!
  8. Only 6 more picks till the Pack selects Quinn
  9. R u ok DJ??? I guess an I'm sorry is in order.
  10. I am so glad that Peterson did not drop to 8

    I thought maybe Landry.
  11. Chester Taylor owners

    Yet another team backfield to avoid in this year's draft.
  12. I think it's safe to order ur jersey now.
  13. Moss to Pack Done Deal?

    Moss to Pack....with Driver and Jennings and draft Olsen.......Favre returns to MVP status.
  14. Jason Campbell is there
  15. Yessir........Taylor faded at the end of last year, the dreaded 2-back system will keep him fresh