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  1. Fishing for opinions

    In our league in which I am the Commissioner, we purposely select a grievance committee of 3-5 owners that decide at a meeting with the owners in which the grievance has been filed on, to decide the outcome of such problems. Since we have gone to this format, we have never had 1 single problem and everything has been very upbeat!! Good Luck.
  2. Another Experts Draft Results - PPR League

    This is beautiful:Footballinjuries.com Westbrook, Brian NO NOT ON THE SAME PAGE, Footballinjuries.com Westbrook, Brian ON THE SAME PAGE? WHEN WILL HE GET HURT THIS YEAR? I think this is funny. When the hell isn't he hurt?? I think he's awesome but he only plays for half the year!!!!
  3. John Clayton said that the Packers had the inside track on Michael Turner... I think that might have went out the window so what do they do for RB now. Grab one in the 2nd round? How do they trade now? Maybe someone else has some input.
  4. Nice Reach Packers

    I think I missed something as TT said he would take the best athlete available at 1.16 Sure seems to me there was a lot more left than Harrell!!!
  5. GB staff not sold on Gado

    So the Lindale White rumors could be true!!??
  6. Drew Brees and Green Bay

    I don't believe the Chargers can match the offer as Brees will be an Unrestricted Free Agent not a Restricted Free Agent unless it's of his choosing. Other wise it's all about the money!! (Of course it never is to the athlete tho!!!)
  7. If John Clayton were right and Drew Brees was allowed to test the waters do you think Green Bay would consider signing him? He stated 2 years ago that he would love to play in Green Bay and Green Bay was infatuated with him! This is of course if Brett does hang it up. What is your opinion?
  8. LenDale White to GB

    Hey wait a minute just think about it. I watched the Pack from beginning to end and at the beginning it was Ahman Green at the end it was Noah Herron! Think about it they lost every back to injury and will probably lose 2 of them due to salary cap/free agency! To me it makes perfect sense to me to go after a back if not for security itself then maybe a guy who will be a franchise back. Samkon Gado was injured too! Defensively they were 7th overall and that system will be left in tact as that's already been determined. I'm just thinking that they may be thinking RB and not defense. Not that they will but it does make sense!!
  9. Charter Cable Customers

    I just called charter about this very thing and they told me that the NFL channel pulled itself from their listing because "there was not enough interest from charter viewers!" Did that beatch lie to me? Give her credit it was a good answer tho!!!
  10. Packers offseason priorities

    It's too bad that the Vikings aren't from lower Michigan then all the Packer bashing Viking fans could boat over with the rest of the Viqueens!!
  11. CAR @ CHI

    The Packers have no offense and they kicked the Bears a$$ statistically by far both times they played. Chicago's defense in my book is good but way overated. Carolina wins 26-17and the defense probably gets lucky and scores a TD. Bye Bye Chicago as your not going anywhere any how. I'm tired of hearing all this Grossman crap and that offense sucks!!
  12. Head Coaches

    Please tell me that Mike Sherman will be gone!! He just drives me nuts!! I'd take Mrs. Sherman over him. Come to think of it, she probably calls the plays anyhow. Any other opinions???
  13. Tomlinson for Alexander

    Thanks primetime that's what I'm thinking too! Much appreciated!!
  14. I was just offered LT for Shaun Alexander but I feel that Alexanders schedule gets much easier from here on out! Not sure if I should pull the string or not... need definate help here. Scoring and performance league. 1 pt. every 10 yds. 6 pts for TD Thanks in advance for your input!!
  15. I haven't used this forum in a long time but I am at a loss as to what to for this week at receiver! League scoring is: TD=6pts. 25 yds.=1pt. 8 receptions=2pts. Do I play: A.Gates vs. KC J.galloway vs. 49ers (@ 49ers) Santana Moss vs.Giants(@ Giants) Keenan McCardell vs. KC Terry Glenn vs. Arizona He does have Drew Brees but it's unsure if he plays him. (He also has K.Collins and J. Delhomme. ) Thanks for any thoughts it is really appreciated!