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  1. ASYS

    OK but what about Chris Chambers??? ASYS LOL
  2. I wasn't going to play them!!! Let this be a reminder about the good old fantasy phrase "always start your studs" LOL
  3. Brooks - Culpepper

    I put my money on Cpep this week.
  4. Which RB to bench?

    Bell as well
  5. Better Season

    I cast my vote for Galloway.
  6. With your roster I pull the trigger on that one. What are you waiting for? DO IT.
  7. Quick! Please help with trade!

    now way I make that trade!
  8. Who to start Bledsoe or C-Pepp

    I put my money on Cpep this week!! I think most owners are. We can't all be wrong, can we??? LOL we'll see
  9. Umm lets see, MANNING don't be silly!!
  10. bump, please help need decision today
  11. Pickup Dominic Rhodes/Addai & drop Waly?

    week one for Indy is going to be a passing showdown between the brothers. Both of those guys should still be there after week one in your league if they weren't drafted.
  12. Lundy, Dayne, and Bruce for Housh

    I think Bruce is worthless this year, and not quite sure how dayne will do but I don't believe he will be a factor early in the season. I think Lundy will do good week one uping his trade value. That's when I plan on trading him after week 1.