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  1. Picked up Dayne & Losman

    Don't fell bad. If I had FWP on my roster, I would have started him over Dayne too. As for Derek Anderson though, eeek...
  2. MJD = MGD

    Thank you very muck. I really appreciate that. She's the real prize; the great stats are just the icing on the cake.
  3. Hell Has Frozen Over

  4. Started Dayne and Bulger.....

    Congrats my friend, congrats. I hope you're getting PAID (like me).
  5. MJD = MGD

    you're absolute;y right my friend. He's the primary reason (along with Romo) that I was able to turn my season around. 131 rushing yards and 6 catches for 41 recieving yards (so far w/3:03 left in game) = 40 points and all but a lock (when considering Ron Dayne's monster day; picked him up and played him off the WW at the last possible second) in my league's SB for $3,700. PRICELESS.
  6. MJD = MGD

    He just scored his SECOND touchdown!!! Jones-Drew and Ron Dayne are about to make me a LOT of $$$!!!
  7. MJD = ROY?

    At the VERY LEAST he's in the conversation.
  8. MJD = MGD

    A 74 yard touchdown run up the middle on New England?!? Helping me in my Superbowl in a tag tean with a Ron Dayne I picked up right before kick off?!? My wife and I just had our first child - a daughter - last Saturday and my FF team has been stellar ever since. Run fellas run!!!
  9. All you Dayne haters

    I just want to thank all of you Huddlers who recommended Dayne to me about oh...15 minutes ago. I picked him up off the waiver wire and plugged him in at the last SECOND for a $3,600 Superbowl. beer on me if I pull this off (if you live in/can make it to the Detroit area)!!!
  10. SB RB HELP!

    That's kinda the way I'm reluctantly leaning myself. Thx and good luck.
  11. SB RB HELP!

    I see that a lot of people have the same choice(s) of RBs to pick from, but I'm really stumped here. Am starting the runner that got me to this point - MJD - in the first spot, especially w/Fred Taylor out, but can't make up my mind with the second slot. I already have Ronnie Brown and Sammy Morris; Bell and Dayne are on the waiver wire. ANY suggestions?
  12. Romo Injured?

    Whoa...you certainly got MY attention with this post. I'd definately go with Romo in this situation. The Boys are at home, playing for the division AND it'd be wise for you to have him in there to counteract T.O. on the other end. The Rams are only playing for pride and might even get that hurt against a Redskins team coming off the high of upsetting the Saints last week.
  13. Driver hurt?!

    Not a bad game...9 receptions for 99 yards. But he couldn't get just 1 more frikkin' yard or another catch so I could get the 3 point 100 yard bonus?!? It's my frikkin' Superbowl!!! Arrggghh!!!
  14. DST or not DST?

    It's the second round of our playoffs and I'm already down 32 to 10 (my opponent played Frank Gore last night in our PPR league; at least I got 10 points out of Vernon Davis to offset it a little). This is a pretty big $$$ that I'd hate to lose though, so any help would be very much appreciated (and I'll answer any of your posts as well). Which DST would you start: Pittsburgh in Atlanta OR New Orleans @ home against the Redskins? The Huddle ranks Pittsburgh 4th and New Orleans not at all for the week - but my gut says something different. What do YOU think?!?