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  1. studs. Are you sure you are looking at the right team.
  2. There are 8 starters on the wire. So I think Ill be all right the week McNabb is on bye. And I bet he plays anyway. So I am in no rush. Id rather worry about my backup Qb 1 week, than a slew of starters every week.
  3. Sanctions for Oklahoma come down today

    The score was around 35-10 at the half, and I still thought OU had this in the bag. That OU team was perhaps the greatest college team ever, and they blew it. That team put up 50 or more on 8 bowl teams. Texas did the same thing the next yr, and they beat Sc. Texas was no match for that Sooner team. Im not comparing apples and oranges. Sc took advantage of every turnover and I give them credit for that. But if you watched the first quarter of that game, you could see who the best team was, before the self imposed avalanche hit the Sooners. Sc 3 and out, OU went right down the field to score. next posession, SC punts again, and OU punt returner tries to do to much, and turns the ball over a the 7 or so yard line, giving Sc a short field, and the avalanche began. Nothing will ever change my mind on this. I know how talented that OU team was, and what they were capable of. And if you reverse the score, without a single turnover by SC, that probably would have been the final on 9 out of 10 nights. But it wasnt meant to be, that night, and it was very disappointing. I dont know if you know what its like to finally have a team like that, and for them to blow it on the biggest stage. But I was very disappointed and still am to a certain extent. . I had this same conversation with a particular die hard Texas fan at this site, and he agreed with me. OU was the superior team, but killed themselves. I bring it up, because I believe it, completely.....
  4. Can Les Miles shut up now?

    Lets see you play 8 games a yr vs Pac 10 teams, and 3-4 vs non pac 10 teams. The odds are twice as high you will lose a game vs the Pac 10. Thus 2 vs Pac 10 and 1 vs Texas. simple mathematics. And when you play a team over and over and over, its easier to prepare for them, than vs a team you dont play all the time.
  5. Poker Hand for Discussion

    Got to agree. Why commit to K8 like that, when you dont have too.
  6. Sanctions for Oklahoma come down today

    Well SMU should be #1 without question. They shut down football at that school, receiving the death penalty for the sport. The school has never recovered, even 30 yrs later. Fla St should easily be #2. Bobby is as bad as it gets. This list is more to me about those that got caught, and were found guilty, than to accusations or things the NCAA choose not to pursue.
  7. Peter King's Power Rankings

    Minny should have taken Beck in round 2. No way Jackson is the answer. Until they get that resolved, its going to be alot of 8 and 9 man fronts for AD and company.
  8. The e-surance cartoon chick

    Red on the head, fire in the hole. Actually, Ive never considered a red head before. Most are pale white, and the hair color is a turn off. But that is just one mans opinion.
  9. Peter King's Power Rankings

    I love his pick for #32. Darren McFadden come on down..........
  10. Cowherd's Top Ten Programs of the Decade

    no fishing here. I spoke the truth, and everyone now, knows it.
  11. Sleeper RB of 2007!

    Thomas Jones. Dude is going in round 3 of mock drafts. And I have him in the top 10 RBs overall. Im also a fan of Julius. He is a better back than Barber, and Big Bill isnt here playing mind games with him this yr.
  12. Cowherd's Top Ten Programs of the Decade

    Even as a Sooner fan, I have to take my hat off to VY. he is by far the most dominate player in college football in the last 20 yrs. Nobody could have done what he did in that Rose Bowl. Edit, He practically did the same thing the year before in the Rose Bowl. And to think they gave the Heisman to Reggie Bush. what a joke that turned out to be. Not just because of the scandal he brought to his name, but because of the Hype he was, compared to the real deal VY is.
  13. Sanctions for Oklahoma come down today

    The point is, The NCAA wouldnt have a clue about OU, had OU not come forward and handed the evidence to them. SC didnt do that, but investigated the SC allegations, and the NCAA doesnt seem to want to use that evidence. So basically, that is telling me, from now on schools will think twice about coming forward. Why would they, when they get slapped like this when they do. And SC gets away with it, by keeping its mouth shut.
  14. Sanctions for Oklahoma come down today

    This is a perfect example of the type of tool you are. First of all, you correct me for living in the past, then you yourself brings up the past with regards to Sc. Second, you bring up reality, then directly after bring up what should have been. Finally, you blast the Big 12, when the reality is, this conference has won the most undisputed titles of this decade. Thank you for this post. It clearly shows just how ignorant you are. And it allows me to kick you in the nuts yet again...
  15. Freeney signs $72 million deal with Colts

    Lets put it this way, Freeney is great on that surface, and should get paid. But he wont get 72 million. Contracts today are ignorant, as teams can cut or renegotiate anytime they wish. So the only guaranteed money he will get is the signing bonus, and probably the first 3 yrs of that contract then he will be renegotiate, or be cut, depending on his production at that time.