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  1. Sarge's College Top 10

    Auburn and NC state both get smacked around in the first 2 weeks.
  2. Sarge's College Top 10

    Shut the F*ck up Dazed. The best conference in the country is the Big 12. The teams ahead of OU last yr didnt have to play OU. OU would have beaten any of those teams. But thats last yr, this is this yr. Big 10 has Michigan and thats it. OS who, get real they sux ass. 16-13 to Sd St at home, how embarassing SEC is strong with Fla, Ga and Tenn, but none of those teams rank with the top 3 of the Big 12 ACC has USC and possibly Oregon, but the top 3 in the Big 12 beats both of these handily. IF TEXAS, OUR TEXAS, OH HAIL THE MIGHTY STATE, TEXAS OUR TEXAS, SO WONDERFUL AND GREAT..., OU, and KSU were in the Big 10, SEC and the ACC, all 3 win the conference. Its a shame they have to beat up on each other and only 1 can play for a title when 2 of these 3 are the best in college football.
  3. Buckeyes fact or fiction

    Ohio St sure looked impressive today 16-13 vs SD St at home. How F'n embarassing. OSU wont luck into a title game and have a bad call win them anything this yr. Michigan is going to destroy OS who. NC St is going to be pissed as well next week. OS Who sux plain and simple. With or without Clarett this team is going down and should be stripped of that title when the investigation is done. Clarett is the scape goat for a program that is full of cheats. I cant wait.....
  4. K State 2000, what did you think of the game?

    Play of the game was the 4th down stop when Cal was trying to go up 14-10. That stop led the KSU to go 90+ yds and score to break the game open 17-7 and Cal fell apart there big time. But KSU looked explosive on O, but is Cal even a top 70 D in the country. Hardly a test to slow them down imo. The defense looked alarmingly out of sync. Josh Buhl is a former alum of my high school and I followed his career at KSU, so I have seen them play many times. I think this D is a far cry from the dominating D KSU has had the past 5-6 yrs and as a result will lose a big game for them sometime this season. Maybe in Kansas City in December cool_thu
  5. Sarge's College Top 10

    First Off, I was the first diehard Sooner fan on this site 2 yrs before the NC season. I suffered humiliation from Brees and Bronco Billy for 2 yrs before the glory of 2000. So im not throwing shock value out there about my boys. I understand your reply, and I love Heupel. But lets get some things out on the table. Josh was not a strong armed QB, he could rarely get 1st downs with his feet, and became a dump over the middle shuffle pass QB even with a pass first OC calling the plays. Josh occasional Heave down the field was more the WR making a play on the ball and less Josh leadint the WR down the field on the go route that you will see alot of this yr from White. Todays Sooner offense is more balanced thus Q stunning numbers last yr. But alot of Qs success was hiding behind lineman until he got in the open field. Jones is a much faster back that can score from anywhere on the field and wont get dragged down from behind like Q. I didnt say Jones was better than Q, but I dont think the drop off will be as great as some consider. I stand behind the positives White brings to this offense and believe he will lead the Sooners to another title in 03-04 wihtout Q, Trent smith or the other weapons at Josh disposal. Either way, Im not going to argue with a fellow Sooner fan. In the end we will be celebrating together in early Jan.
  6. 2003 Preseason USAToday Coach's top 25

    KSU will be the tune up game for OU's 8th National Championship.
  7. 2003 Magazine Rankings

    3 #1 rankings 2 #2 rankings 1 #3 ranking Overall the #1 ranked team by avg. Yep, that'd be the Okalahoma Sooners - 2004 National Champions
  8. Least Favorite Team

    Really dont hate Texas, since we own them. Probably Ohio St because they were an avg team playing in the big game and Magahees injury along with a BS call gave them a Championship they didnt deserve. Then to hear fans come out of the woodwork saying Im a OSU lifer was the icing on the cake for 03. But that team wont win 8 games this yr so I really cant hate them much.
  9. Favorite Team

    OU Sooners - coach 1950,55,56,74,75,85,2000 and future 2004 Football National Champions
  10. SI's All Americans

    Also, Harris has been hurt week 2 and wont be 100% the rest of the season. And Harris is also a top 10 overall draft pick the season he declares. I guess that is only because SI ranks him this high, right. While Wright will be lucky to even make and NFL roster. Or could it be because teams ran right at the freshman, while teams consistantly ran away from harris. Hmm, should I continue
  11. SI's All Americans

    Could it be because he pressured the QB into sacks for other members of his team, and he was a disruptive force that was double and triple teamed every play, while Freshman was the beneficiary fo a single team every play. Or maybe its because OU defense is the best in the country and in big games, Harris was impressive. While Texas got beat in both its big games this year. 1 by OU, giving up 248 yds rushing to Q, and 300 total rushing yards to the Sooners, while OU compeletly shut down the run in every single game on the season. So by your standards Rod is a better DL than C Redding. I dont think so.
  12. Oklahoma in 85 was #1 in both, and did win the National Championship
  13. MIA will beat UT

    I hope its KSU. Thats the only worthy Big 12 opponent OU doesnt have on their schedule. One of either KSU,COL, or ISU. I still think Okie St poses the biggest problem still remaining on the Sooners schedule at this point. Okie St always plays OU tough, and could have beaten them in 2000, and did pull of the upset last year in Norman. OU still has to travel to College Station and Stillwater. 2 tough road games, but I like the focus of this team right now. Stoops has his boys dominating on both sides of the ball, especially the OL this year.
  14. If any leagues are in need of an owner. email me at very flexible for draft times. Have PC access all day and can get on at nights as well.