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  1. Are the Pats getting sentimental?

    They need Brown to play CB.
  2. IDP MOCK 2007 Best Team Poll

    I can respect that. So Ill just have fun with you, when its over. For those bold predictions.
  3. IDP MOCK 2007 Best Team Poll

    yep, he is. Ok mouth. Full of predictions, but short of gumption to back them up.
  4. Big 12 championship

    Um, they both play in the Big 12, North, so they cant both make the title game...
  5. if you had One Nuke.......

    Washington DC. But if I was given 2. Id use the other on irag/afghanistan, after we pulled our troops out....
  6. IDP MOCK 2007 Best Team Poll

    So are you running from my challenge. Surely not?
  7. IDP MOCK 2007 Best Team Poll

    I just wish you would put a lil money where your mouth is here. $50 me vs you. What do you say UIG. You going to turn down a challenge like this, when you feel Im the 10th best team and you are the 3rd best.
  8. IDP MOCK 2007 Best Team Poll

    Im happy with my team, but Im going to put the kiss of death on Keg.....
  9. Can Les Miles shut up now?

    Didnt LSU lose 2 games last yr, with Landry, Russll, Bowe and his opposite at Wr. Expect at least another 2 loses this yr, and they wont be in the NC game. So you should set your expectations accordingly.
  10. Big 12 championship

    lose to whoever they play in the Big 12 title game.
  11. Cowherd's Top Ten Programs of the Decade

    arguably, what is that, your opinion you want to others to argue with you about. I can name 5 teams in the last 5 yrs, better than LSU will be defensively. So I hardly call that arguably, its more like your opinion. And I call it a complete joke.
  12. Sanctions for Oklahoma come down today

    Lil Napolean here seems to forget there is this lil thing called the internet, and you dont have to be in a certain city to get the news. Wake up McFly, everyone outside of LA knows this punk was guilty. Yet LA knew they couldnt get a conviction, so they didnt charge him. Classic he said, she said, and he is a QB at SC. So who do you think police are going to side with. And why do you fail to mention R Bush. You defend Sanchez like he was your brother, yet you ignore my claims about Bush, that were all over the same internet, you forgot the rest of the country had access too.
  13. Sanctions for Oklahoma come down today

    Jest you must. OU loses 2 scholarships the next 2 yrs. I hardly think those sancations are that rough for the future. Now the 8 wins he and the program lost is the problem I see with this penalty, and its already behind us, so that has no bearing on Stoops future. And if Stoops leaves OU, it will be for a Pro job. He turned down the only school he would even consider leaving OU for, and that was FLA.
  14. Sanctions for Oklahoma come down today

    I agree with all of this. I think many are missing my point here My point is, had he not gone to the NCAA, they probably would have got away with it like SC did.
  15. Cowherd's Top Ten Programs of the Decade

    LSU isnt even the best team, in the SEC. And who is so great from this school in the pros today? A couple of rookies have the best chance of making a showing for the future. Hell Vandy has better prospects playing in teh NFL today, than LSU.......
  16. Sanctions for Oklahoma come down today

    OU didnt get caught. Are you completely clueless. Stoops got wind of this and he kicked the Qb and OL off the team, and took this to the NCAA. Do us a favor and only speak when you have a clue. This isnt about SC, as it is about the NCAA. The NCAA is a joke. I mentioned SC, as their infractions are 10 times worse. Seriously if the NCAA had a clue, SC would be on probabtion, and lost a NC and Heisman trophy. But because Carroll played stupid and told Reggie to stay away from campus, this got brushed under the rug last fall. The NCAA cant seem to do its job, unless someone admits to a an infraction, and that is what Im talking about. And where I live makes no difference what Sanchez did. Dude is a rapist, and OJ is a murderer. Those are facts, whether the courts in CA are competent enough to prosecute, are a completely different situation. Ill tell you this, no other school will come forward after this. They will do what SC did, and play stupid, and stay quiest and hope it blows over, like with Reggie.
  17. Sanctions for Oklahoma come down today

    When it was deemed a problem at OU, Stoops kicked the starting QB off the team. So that argument makes no sense, a violation was clearly made with Jarrett. And dont give me that crap about Sanchez. That f*cker raped that girl, and the incompetent police dept knew they couldnt get a conviction, so they threw the case out, to avoid another OJ embarassment. . There isnt a problem with attorneys in Oklahoma, as when your guilty and are facing competent counsel, you still go to jail. If LA had that, plus a competent police dept, OJ would be in prison today. This speaks volumes for the city and state you live, and the only reason Sanchez isnt in a cell next to OJ. And how appropriate you didnt mention Bush. Those infractions he and his family made, should have stripped the NC as well as the Heisman Trophy. But that got brushed under the rug. BTW, OU wouldnt be under any sancations today, if they didnt come forward and notify the NCAA of the issues. The NCAA certainly didnt have a clue what was going on. All this does is prevent other schools from doing the right thing in the future. Pete Carroll certainly didn't come forward even when he knew Bush family couldnt afford the house they were living in.
  18. Big 12 championship

    I agree with all this. I hope OU wins the South, but Texas has more horses right now, especially at QB.
  19. Sanctions for Oklahoma come down today

    2005 is the past for me, and I dont live in the past. 0-12, or 8-4 its all the same to me. My point was, I dont understand how one program can get away with Murder, literally, and major NCAA violations, and nothing comes of it, while another is involved in petty sh*t, 15K total in overpaying players, and the book is handed to them for it. This isnt as much about SC, as it is about justice. I was using SC to prove my point.+ And do you really think for a minute Sanchez didnt rape that woman. I dont believe that for a second. That was completely brushed under the rug and most people know it.
  20. Can Les Miles shut up now?

    So? Whats your point. Had SC not stepped on its d1ck against unranked UCLA, I would have been right.
  21. Sanctions for Oklahoma come down today

    But then again QB Mark Sanchez raped a girl, and got away with it, and OJ killed 2 people and got off as well. Must be a SC, Cali thing.
  22. Sanctions for Oklahoma come down today

    What sucks is Reggie Bush family lived rent free in a 250K house for a yr, and Dwayne Jarrett lived rent free with Leinart, agreeing to pay his dad back after he went pro, and nothing came of it. Oklahoma finds out 3 of its players are taking more money than they were due, at their job. OU releases those players, and turns themselves into the NCAA, and they get punished like this. Something is not right with this picture.
  23. Cowherd's Top Ten Programs of the Decade

    I dont see how he can put LSU in his top 5 period. This program loses games it should win consistently, and has 1 won game worth mentioning in the last 40 yrs, and that was with Nick Saban as the coach.
  24. Can Les Miles shut up now?

    LSU wont be in the title game, and shouldnt even be the favorites to win the SEC. Id bet the SEC isnt represented in that game at all.