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  1. All-Star Game

    helluva assist by Griffey to throw out Arod at home. Bad angle later by Griffey that led to the first inside the park HR in All Star game history by Ichiro.
  2. Darius visits the Raiders

    Just think. Oakland could have drafted Matt Leinart last yr, and gave him Calvin Johnson to throw to this yr. Taking Huff was not a smart pick. But it was a typical Raider pick...
  3. 2007 Mock Draft writeups

    Sgt. Ryan - Brent Clement picking in the 2 hole My strategy in this spot was simple, take the best players available, in rounds 1-3, and fill out need later. Steven Jackson, Clinton Portis and Thomas Jones gives me a solid 1-2 punch at RB, with the other, starting at flex, most weeks. At Wr, I went high upside, with Anquan Boldin, Chris Chambers, and Darrell Jackson. QB Donovan Mcnabb could be a gem in round 6, and I was willing to take a risk on Mike Vick in round 16. I generally wait till the middle rounds before I start drafting D, but I couldnt resist LB Antonio Pierce at the end of round 4. LB's Jonathon Vilma and Andra Davis were my favorite picks, in round 8 and 9. My DL is my weakest link, as I went for upside, instead of the safe picks available. Overall, this team is solid, and could contend if it stays healthy.
  4. Thanks, but I preferred someone else. Bye Weeks wouldnt allow it, so I went with Hall instead.
  5. Which is exactly the same situation last yr in Seattle. Bouleware and Hamlin were no better than Roy and Ken will be. I dont see Dallas sitting Hamlin, as he is better than what Dallas has.
  7. Not sure why Ken Hamlin fell to round 25. He is still starting at FS, just now in Dallas. He isnt top 20 material, but certainly better than 48th best Db in the league.
  8. IDP Projected Stats

    That is correct, I sent that in with Suggs, not Ware. Ware is a LB.
  9. Cowherd's Top Ten Programs of the Decade

    Well he is an idiot then. My top 5 1. USC - USC has 2 titles, and was in the title game a 3rd time. 2 OU - OU played in 3 title games, and won 1 out right 3. Ohio St - played in 2 title games, won one outright over Miami 4. Miami - played in 2 title games, won one outright over Nebraska 5. Texas - won the only title game they played in, outright, over what was called the best college team ever USC. . . . 6. Florida - won the title last yr. outright . . . . 7. LSU - won a split championship
  10. A Good Poker Hand

    I lost a tourney Friday night and Im still sick about it. 8 of us, with a $1000 each in chips, $25 buy in. Down to final 3, Small stack (small blind) had $200, I, (Big Blind), later turned out to be mid stack with about $3750, and Big stack. (Dealer), had $3800, though neither of us knew at the time. Blinds are $100/$200, Small blind folds. I play, being big Blind Dealer plays..... My pocket cards are As 9d flop comes - Ah 9c 6s I bet $200, he raises to $1000, I re-raise to 2K, he re -raise to 3K, I go all in, , he calls. His cards are Ac 6c Right here the only thing that can beat me is a 6 right? Turn is 8c, doesnt help either of us, or so I thought River is 4c and I think hell yes, I just won. Wrong...... Dude pulls a Flush out his ass. Next hand small stack is all in on blind, and loses to a Q high card. Im still sick about it.
  11. I replaced the pick, per Tbimm;s PM. This draft is first and foremost for the huddle audience. Then the league. Besides, the player was still on the board even after a number of picks had been made, so it was an easy fix.
  12. I just selected my backup TE, and I dont care he has the same Bye week as my starter. Ill take a goose egg 1 week at TE, instead of chancing not having a viable backup if Davis gets hurt again.
  13. Best in his sport

    Ruth hit more home runs that the majority of teams did. he was a good pitcher as well. He is by far the best baseball player ever, and my opinion had the biggest gap of any player in his time, to any other sport, and any player in their time. . What Ruth did would be like Gretsky scoring all those goals, and playing goalie at the same time. He doesnt compare to Babe.
  14. Rate my fantasy football team

    you screwed up taking Gore at 3, and finished by taking R Smith at 143 Jones and Winslow are about the only value I see on that team.
  15. Blockbuster Trade in the Works...

    No way I do this deal. First of all, I wouldnt deal Maroney for Manning. And there is no way in hell I deal Cutler for Bell. Id have offered Barber for Leinart and some upgrade in the draft. But no way I deal a stud RB and a future stud Qb for an older QB, and a never had it RB. And I do whatever I can to get S Smith in the mix, if Im helping this guy out.
  16. WalMart Oil Change

    Good God NO.
  17. WalMart Oil Change

    I live in an upscale town, and the wal-mart there is actually pretty nice place to shop for groceries. There are hotties everywhere. . Now the wal-Mart where my old man lives, is like going to a cross between a trailer park and ghetto.
  18. WalMart Oil Change

    We just got a Culvers down here. Yummy indeed.
  19. More Garnett to the Warriors trade talk

    IF B Davis is healthy for 82 games, GS will be higher than the 8th seed. Its really all depends on him. But for next season, dealing J Rich was a mistake. Sure down the road it may be better with the draft pick. But S Jackson and B davis are career 35 % shooters from 3, and arent going to hit 50% again in another series, like they did vs Dallas. Matt barnes is also a FA, and many teams are looking to pay him, on that one series. Harrington certainly isnt the answer at PF vs the big dogs. Garnett will definately help if they can get him, but B davis is the key to the warriers success. I have my doubts about Yi already. GS or anyone would be better off not dealing for him, unless they get him for a draft pick next y.
  20. Superbowl Matchup 2007

    Thats like saying, pretend Roger Federer doesnt exist, who will win the next yrs Wimbledon. Problem is Roger does exist. So I ask why would you count out, who you honestly think will be in the game, when that team exists.
  21. Boat just got another great value - Greenwood, Morlon HOU here is amazing. He was the LB I was debating when I took Gerald Hayes.
  22. those are 2, I was talking about, and there are several more at all 3 positions.
  23. The 3-4 switch may very well be a upgrade for hayes stats. Which is why I eventually decided on Hayes over the others. Hayes doesnt have the laterall movement most MLB's have, and with a better pass rush forcing more plays inside, and Dansby in coverage and rushing the passer, his opportunities may actually increase. The Cards OLB from a yr ago, didnt funnel much inside, and Hayes couldnt make alot of plays faster MLB's would have made going sideline to sideline.
  24. Im not just talking about Hayes, and I wanted Dansby before Hayes. I just had a difficult time deciding on 2 or 3 LBs at that spot.
  25. Superbowl Matchup 2007

    First and foremost I think San Diego is the best team in the AFC. They should have played the Colts in the AFC champ game in San Diego, if it were not for the fortunate bounce of a turnover, being turned back over to NE. Had the DB just INT the ball and stayed down, the game was over. San Diego showed the yr before in Indy that they can rush the hell outta Indy. I like SD chances at home in that title game. The NFC is more wide open. Philly has one of the best OL in football, and a Qb who makes good decisions. Their D is suspect, especially at LB. New Orleans still has no D, and played above themselves on O a yr ago. I see them taking a major step back, maybe 8-8 this yr. Chicago is also one dimensional with a suspect O, and solid D. Carolina is everyones sleeper pick, but I dont see them putting it together with even more changes offensively, yet. And they still have holes at LB and in their seconday. SF is at least a yr away, The Giants will be hurt even more without Tiki, and the Cards or rams are probably 2 yrs away. That leaves Dallas and Seattle, whom I think are the most balanced, on offense, and defense. San Diego and Dallas are somewhat mirror teams. San Diego uses the 3-4 D, that new Dallas HC installed while with SD. Dallas is now changing to a more conventional 3-4, than the one Parcells used. Dallas already uses a Norv Turner offense, that San Diego has used since he was their OC in LT's rookie yr. Now Norv is the Bolts HC. Both of these coaches now how to attack and defend each other. Boht of these teams have suspect secondaries, but Merriman made up for that last yr with his pass rush. the loss of Donnie Edwards at LB will be missed, and demarcus Ware gets a tag team partner opposite him in Anthony Spencer. Both of these D will be lights out, no Merriman pun intended. On O, its hard to overlook the clear advantage LT is over J Jones/Barber. But its similar at WR, with the Boys ability to stretch the field where Rivers wont have that luxury, and will have to use LT more. Which obviously isnt a bad thing. The SB is a hype machine, and think of the Hype of this story. Each is responsible for the success of the other team, while now coaching their team.