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  1. Im surprised some of the D players slipping so far.
  2. WalMart Oil Change

    Had a similar situation happen, not the long wait, but that they didnt top off my fluids. I took it back, demanded a refund, and got a manager over there ASAP. he apologized told the service tech to top off my fluids, and my next oil change will be free as well. Ever since then, I check the fluids before I leave, and if they F up, Ill get it free plus the next one free. This plus its $10 cheaper, and I hate to sit and wait, when I could be grocery shopping. It makes sense for me to use Wal-Mart for oil changes.
  3. Superbowl Matchup 2007

    Dallas beats San Diego
  4. IDP Mock Draft

    We stop at 16 weeks. Too many players are sitting week 17.
  5. seriously considered Huff when I picked Coleman. Was hoping he would slide a little further. Nice pick tbimm....
  6. considered Bethea, but I already had a player with that bye week.
  7. Michael Vick's Property Raided again

    top 10 QB, my apologies. And that was last yr, not saying he can duplicate that this yr.....
  8. IDP Mock Draft

    I realize you need all the help you can get, but this is the same concept this Mock league has been the last 3 yrs, and its low maintenance, and it isnt changing.
  9. IDP Mock Draft

    Its a total play league. meaning you play against 11 opponents each week.
  10. Michael Vick's Property Raided again

    I just took a chance on Vick to be my #2 Qb in round 16. McNabb is my starter. We only draft 2 Qbs, and have strict roster limits meaning there will be at least 8 starting QBs on the waiver wire, if something did happen to Vick in this case. So this is definately taking a toll on his ADP. Round 16, for a top 10 overall player in this league is pretty good value, with obvious risk.
  11. I dont know, Im not that thrilled yet, with my squad.
  12. RIP Yankees

    Here in Texas we dont want Phil Hughs he is Yankee Hype, not stud material. . Instead I for one, would rather have the prospects the Dodgers are dangling. Teixera in a Yank Uniform would continue whats wrong with baseball. Texas shoudl have never traded Arod. he put butts in seats, and was a piece the team needed to build around. This is a top 10 market and our stupid owner overpays, for a splash, then closes his pocket boo to field a team around that splashk. We have the worst GM and front office in the game, and couldnt idnentify pitching talent if it was in our own back yard. Ala Chris Young, now in San Diego. The deals Texas has made, giving away Travis Hafner, Adrian Gonzales and Chris Young make this the worst run franchise in professional sports. As a baseball fan in dallas, that sickens me.
  13. Best Athlete By Number

    The streak led to Ripkens poularity. he was a solid player in his time no doubt, but his stats by todays standards are avg at best, regardless of whatever excuse you want to say about todays advantages. Players today are stronger and hit the ball further than ever before. Pitchers throw harder, and the game as a whole is faster. Defensively and offensively. Ripken received too much credit for a streak, and was an avg power hitter, in a dead ball era. His power doesnt translate in todays game, neither does his arm, or ability to make the plays SS today make. Seriously, Ripken would probably be a 1B or DH in todays game.
  14. Dman you, you continue to swipe my wait till next round players. J Allen will be a top 10 DL, even after missing 4 games Also had Lofa lined up, then went another direction, hoping he slid. But no, you had to swipe him too. lol
  15. Had Sanders in this same league/mock last yr, and he hurt me several times when I thought he was playing, but didnt. Damn game time decision players piss me off.
  16. welcome, and I wasnt trying to taunt you. Just wanted to know your reasoning for drafting different.
  17. He wasnt making it back to you. I almost took him over Vilma, but figured this was the time to nab Vilma. I see a rebound. Not to 2005 numbers, but somehwhere in between 2005 and 2006. 240 pts or so
  18. Best Athlete By Number

    Im not arguing he wasnt a good player back then, just that he has been surpassed by more than 1 SS, and is remembered for that streak. without it, he is just another player whose stats dont measure up with todays stars. Ripken most certainly was a good player, but MVPs, dont mean your a top 5 player in the league. Was Morneau really a top 5 player last yr, or how bout Juan Gone the yrs he wont it. 2 gold gloves is nothing, if he was a better defensive SS, he would have plenty more in 20 yrs. Good player, without question. Top 5 of his generation, or best SS prior to this era, hardly the case. Ernie Banks was better, and he came before Ripken.
  19. Best Athlete By Number

    Actually the many layers of stupidity in your every post is remarkable. Its insane the higher than though persona you spew on this board. Ignorance is the only thing I think of when I read your posts, and it never ceases to amaze me how you still think yoru right about everything, when you couldnt be more wrong about almost everything. Ripken was a nice SS in his day, but take away that streak, and he doesnt compare to todays SS. Juan Gonzales also won 2 AL MVPs, and he was never considered a top 5 player in the game, so that argument doesnt hold a lick of credability. See, sometimes the best players, play on the worst teams, and the MVP is generally voted for a player on one of the best teams. But Im sure you knew that, when you posted his 2 AL MVPS, are a lock for him being a top 5 player at his time. And what Reyes is doing, is more impressive than Ripken. Hell Ripken hit 30 HRs once in a 20 yr career. Hit under 20 HR in 9 of those 20 yrs. Ripken was nothing more tha a pioneer because he was 6'4 playing the position. He only won 2 gold gloves, so how good really was he in the field. Ripken has only 200 hits, twice in his 20 yr career, so longevity more than anything had to do with his 3000 hits, than his greatness. Without that streak, this guy goes down as the first tall SS to play at a somewhat high level. Ripkens career stats Michael Young already has twice as many 200 hit seasons in his less than 8 yrs, than Ripken had in 20 yrs, and is a better fielding SS. Jose Reyes is on pace to crush Ripken in Hits, doubles, triples, Runs, AVG, OPS, Steals, and fielding %. And is a MVP candidate. Jeter is not only the most clutch SS ever, but his numbers run circles around Ripken in virtually every category but long balls and RBI. Arod blows Ripken away in every offensive and defensive stat out there. BTW, Id take Rollins today over Ripken anyday. Rollins is a better SS, has a stronger arm, has more speed, and is just coming into his own with the long ball. If he plays 20 yrs, expect similar numbers accorss the board but fileding %, steals, and arm strength, where Rollins destroys Ripken. And you mentioned Tejada on roids, but do you have proof Ripken never did them. Seriously, you are so sure Tejada was juicing, but what proof do you have.
  20. This one owner doesnt matter much in all play. Its winner take all, anyway, so Ill set this teams lineup for the yr, and adjust if there is an injury, if I cant find someone who wants to take it over. We will do this without or without 12, since we have 10 committed already.
  21. No problem, But I have a question, why would you have drafted differently. Seriously, this is a mock, to acquire the best team. Are you saying you tanked this draft, because it didnt count.
  22. Grant Hill to the Suns

    Not sure what he has left in the tank. but he is a cheap body, when healthy. Now the suns can finally get rid of that backup PG contract, by giving up Diaw as well, for a draft pick.
  23. No swiss works days, and should be home shortly. He just doesnt have access during the day, unless he goes home for lunch, which he seems to do quite often, and log on before he leaves for work.
  24. Best Athlete By Number

    Ripken was never a top 5 overall player in his era. Arod certainly was, and Reyes is now. Jimmy Rollins is a more complete SS than Ripken ever was, And Id take Jeter hand down over Ripken any day. There are 4, and Nomar was much better as well, but injuries robbed him. BTW, Arod moved to 3rd to accomodate Jeter at SS, not because of diminished skills like when Ripken moved. Arod could easily be the best fieding SS today. And if he didnt play in NY, he would still be there, so I dont think its fair to knock Arod, because he no longer plays SS. he did for the majority of his career thus far, and should still be, if Jeter wasnt so egotistical, and just moved to 2B, like he should have. That streak isnt that remarkable. Didnt he also step over the pickett line just for the streak. Its the only streak out there, that isnt performance based. Instead its just playing when you arer paid to play, every day. And its baseball, how damn hard is it to play this game every day. favres streak is 10 times the streak this is, based solely on the sport each plays.
  25. Best Athlete By Number

    This is like Boxing, where eras and competition makes a guy great. Roy Jones Jr beating up a bunch of tin cans, until the division became respectable, and then he was embarassed by those will similar talent, is a perrfect example. And look at todays baseball, Piazza and Pudge are 2 of the best offensive catchers of all time. 1b - Pujols is one of the best ever, 2B, Soriano before moving to the OF, and now Utley are putting up better numbers than any before them. SS, the same way. So this is across the board. Athletes are better today, and Ripken was a rare bird in his time, but looking at things knowing what we know now about the sport, Ripken was over hyped, and still is because of that streak.